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Snake Charmer's Challenge

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ExitIsNearSign.png Snake Charmer's Challenge ExitSign.png
World Kremlantis
Type Temple
Theme Voices of the Temple

Bonus level(s) 1
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Slippa Jars, Gnawtys, Klap Traps, Zingers, Swirlwinds, Slippas

Game Donkey Kong Land

Snake Charmer's Challenge is a level in the world Kremlantis in the game, Donkey Kong Land. After finishing Reef Rampage, this level and Chomp's Coliseum are both access-able, though only playing through one is necessary to acquire the special TNT Barrel to open up the route to Nautilus Chase.


Diddy Kong bounces off a Swirlwind

Snake Charmer's Challenge is a temple level that takes place above the waters of Kremlantis. As the level's title implies, it features Slippa as the main enemy. These snakes will spawn out of Slippa Jars, which continuously release Slippa. The Jars will infinitely spawn Slippa, similar to the Skull & Crossbone Barrels seen in some levels of the original Donkey Kong Country. Some Jars will be rolls down steps of the temple, and must be avoided. However, upon standing up straight, they can be jumped on safely. A TNT Barrel can be tossed at the Jars to get rid of them. If left alone, Slippa will emerge, alternating which side they come out of. Aside from the snakes, this level features the standard "temple" level hazards, which include large gaps and rope climbing sections. Some Gnawty, Zinger, Klap Trap, and a lone Swirlwind are other enemies in the level.



Donkey Kong jumps for the "N" Letter.

Bonus Levels

The bonus level.
  • Find the Exit! -- The bonus level is accessed by using the first TNT Barrel in the level to explode a Slippa Jar, and jumping on the tire. Donkey and Diddy will be in a cloudy area with some platforms that move along set paths. If they can avoid the Zingers and Mincers along the way, they can receive the "O" letter at the end.


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