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Construction Site Fight

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ExitIsNearSign.png Construction Site Fight ExitSign.png
World Big Ape City
Type City
Theme Big Ape City

Bonus level(s) 2
Animal Buddies N/A
Enemies encountered Zingers, Kritters, Gnawtys, Armys

Game Donkey Kong Land

Construction Site Fight is the introductory stage for Big Ape City. Hard Hat must be defeated to access this level. Due to its inaccurate characterization, this level's name was likely mistakenly switched with Balloon Barrage in the game manual.[1]


DK jumps off a ledge onto the below ledge with a Kritter.

This level is set outside the building and complexes of Big Ape City. Here, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will traverse the buildings with the help of various balloons that rise and fall. These are not Extra Life Balloons, but rather regular balloons that can be jumped on and are needed to cross gaps between buildings. Both of this level's bonus stages are accessed by jumping off of these balloons. The stage features Army, Kritter, Gnawty, and Zinger enemies



The "O" KONG Letter.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Found between two balloons, hard to miss.
    • O: Between a balloon and a building with two Gnawty.
    • N: In the second bonus stage.
    • G: Above a Zinger, between two balloons.
  • Kong Tokens: 17

Bonus Levels

  • Collect the Prizes! -- Located up and to the left of the first balloon in the level. The bonus level has similar gameplay to Track Attack, in which some platforms will go along a track, and the heroes can amass a plethora of Kong Tokens by patiently waiting for the tracks to move to positions where they can grab the tokens. There are a total of fourteen tokens.
  • Find the Exit! -- The barrel cannon that launches DK/Diddy into this bonus stage is beyond the checkpoint, northeast of some balloons in a balloon jumping segment. It is just barely visible, but not too difficult to entirely miss. The bonus stage is essentially a bite-sized version of Sky High Caper, a previous level in which a platform moves in a direction within the path. Donkey or Diddy can jump to make the platform change directions, or the platform will automatically change directions when it hits a wall. There are a four Kong Tokens to gather, and the "N" KONG Letter.


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  1. Big Ape City in Donkey Kong Land's manual