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BananaCoinIconRight.png Swirlwind BananaCoinIconLeft.png
Artwork of a Swirlwind.

Homeland Coast of Donkey Kong Island
Origin of Species Whirlwind

Games Donkey Kong Land

Swirlwind is a whirlwind enemy and obstacle which only appears in Donkey Kong Land.

Swirlwinds are uncommon enemies. Despite being a foe, they usually assist DK and Diddy in a level. The active Kong can bounce off a Swirlwind to cross gaps, go over enemies, and even reach Bonus Barrels. By bouncing on a Swirlwind, DK and Diddy are followed by it until it falls down an abyss. DK and Diddy can use Swirlwinds to cross gaps, enemies, and even into a Bonus Barrel. , it starts chasing them until it falls into an abyss.

The only villainous role that Swirlwinds play is how they injure the Kongs when they are approached from the side. Similarly, they may also obscure an item near or on ground level from the Kongs, like a K-O-N-G Letter.

Swirlwinds first appear in the Kremlantis level Snake Charmer's Challenge, and they are prominently featured in their titular level Swirlwind Storm, which comes later in the game.