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Mole Train

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DKCoinIconLeft.png Mole Train DKCoinIconLeft.png
Mole Train.png

Species Moles
Affiliates Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Mole Train, driven by Mole Miner Max, is a train used by the Tikis to transport bananas. It has a drill in front and is the boss of Cave.


The Mole Train is first featured in level 4-4, Mole Patrol, which is initially locked. After its key is purchased from Cranky Kong's Shop, the level can be played. It features Donkey Kong riding the Rocket Barrel through a mine that the Mole Miners are working in. After navigating the mine for a while, the Mole Train appears and tosses out Mole Miners that are held aloft by balloons. Eventually, the Mole Train runs out of track, and then continues by drilling into the side of the cave.

Once the Kongs have reached 4-B, they can enter the Mole Train boss fight. Upon seeing the Kongs, Banjo Bottom hypnotizes Mole Miner Max and makes him start up the train. The Kongs persue on a train cart. Moles pop out of the train carts and throw pickaxes at the Kongs, which can be jumped over. 4 carts detach from the train as Donkey Kong's cart connects with them. The moles hide and Donkey Kong walks onto the other ones. The bananas in the carts will shake, signalling that a mole will pop out of it. When jumped on, they fall off the carts. Eventually, all but one cart fall off the track as Donkey Kong catches up to the train. The same process repeats itself, with the moles getting faster. Eventually, Donkey Kong arrives at the 4 carts attached to the train. Mole Miner Max jumps out of the cockpit to attack. He is capable of making several banans in different carts rumble and throws pickaxes upon popping up. Eventually, Max is knocked into the cockpit, which makes the train slow down. It narrowly falls off the discontinued tracks, but it manages to stop, although the drill falls off. Banjo Bottom flies out and is captured.


  • The name of the train (and level), Mole Train is a possible reference to the TV show, Soul Train, a show of fashion, dance, and music.