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Bananacoin-dkcr.png Ruins Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Greater location Donkey Kong Island
Levels Wonky Waterway
Button Bash
Mast Blast
Damp Dungeon
Itty Bitty Biters
Temple Topple
Shifty Smashers
Boss level: Ruined Roost
Boss Stu
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country Returns (3D)

Ruins is the third world in Donkey Kong Country Returns and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. In this world, various fossil, cave, and mine-based levels are to be found. Unique fossil enemies are encountered as well. It is located across the right side of the Kongo Jungle region and in the Monkey Mines region of Donkey Kong Island. This world's boss is Stu.


Appearance/Land features[edit]

The appearance of the Ruins is a lot like that of the Jungle. The Ruins are actually part of the jungle of Donkey Kong Island, but were called the ruins because of what was built in the jungle-ancient, crumbling temples, totems, and mines. These fill the jungle and create all new terrain, levels, and challenge.

The Ruins is split down the middle by a large river that starts by falling out of what seems to be a man-made cave above. The east side is where the ancient builders did most of their construction, and is where the temple can be found surrounded by a ginormous wall. There is also an absolutely gargantuan gong on this side that is split in half by Donkey Kong.

Many of these ruins appear to be carved into the form of a turtle. This may mean that a turtle was the main god of the builders, or at least an important figure. There are also many carvings of Rambi's face, also pointing to the theory that the famous rhino may have been considered a god at one time.

Many of these ancient ruins stand taller than the trees, and make great land features that add to the beauty of the island. Unfortunately, the ruins are also extremely fragile, and can be destroyed quite easily. They are also a very dangerous place for anyone, because of their fragility age.



The climate of the Ruins is exactly like that of that of the Jungle. The Ruins are located in the jungle, so it is really the same thing when it comes to climate. Hot, humid, wet, and sunny is the normal weather here, which is great for all of the animals and plants that live here.


The terrain is also somewhat the same as in the Jungle. It would be the same dirt and trees terrain if it weren't for all of the ruins in this jungle. Many stone paths were built above the trees making it very easy to cover ground - all above the treetops. Most of the ruins are stone, and the terrain wouldn't be difficult to cover if the ruins weren't partially destroyed, making Donkey Kong have to jump to get over gaps and having to run very quickly because the ground beneath him is crumbling.

There are also many small rivers and streams that run through and on the ruins, and much of this world is just very wet in general. This is probably because it rains quite a bit in the jungle and the world slants slightly, perfect for forming rivers.

Other info[edit]

  • This world was probably inspired by the ancient Mayans' ruins, which are located in the Amazon Jungle. The Mayans are ancient people who built big temples and other buildings (now in ruins) but mysteriously disappeared. The Ruins look like they were inspired by them.
  • There is a pirate ship hiding in the tiny bay of the Ruins, and it will shoot at Donkey Kong if he gets close.
  • The ruins constructed in the Jungle differ greatly from the ruins first featured in Donkey Kong Country. Those ruins were of Kremling origin, and so these ruins were likely created by the Kongs, or possibly the Tikis.
  • Some of the statues bear the appearance of Donkey Kong's sprite from the original Donkey Kong arcade game.