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Prehistoric Path

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Prehistoric Path is the third level in the Cliff world in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the sixth Minecart level in said game. Its theme is a rocky mountain supposively littered with remnants of dinosaurs.


The course starts off on a solid rock platform with a dandelion on it, which can reveal a Banana Coin by blowing on it. Then the player will jump across a skeletal platform that rises and sinks in the tar pit below it when they step on it. After crossing the platform and defeating the Skellyrex on it, the Kongs will jump into an Arrow Barrel, and blast through a wall into an empty Minecart.

Then the players will roll down a slope in the track, and roll off of an upturned piece, landing on a sinking track with Skellyrexes riding in carts. Then after jumping between more consecutive tracks, players will ride along a slightly sloped piece of rail on a sinking platform, while ducking under a metal block with spikes on the bottom. Jumping leads to a straightaway track, where the Kongs can optionally jump to an elevated rail leading into a tunnel through a metal block with a Puzzle Piece in it. Then jumping across a few more gaps will lead the player to the first Tutorial Pig standing on a ledge just above the surface of the tar.

Afterwards, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong continue on, and jump between some more rails, (which now sink into the tar and do not rise back up), bouncing off of Tiki Buzzes and dodging more obstacles. Then they will jump to a dinosaur egg with the insides hollowed out, and roll on top of it for a spell. Then the egg will hit a fossilized tooth stuck in the rocks ahead, and the Kongs will fall into a gap in the shell, now riding inside the egg. Then after the shell his more teeth, the player must jump over the gaps in the shell, until it breaks, and they must jump carefully across some unstable tracks and then after rolling along some uneven tracks, the simians are sent flying onto a rock platform with the end-of-level barrel on it.


  • The level's music is a remix of the main Minecart theme, with added Marimbas.
    • The same goes for Roasting Rails, which remixes by adding in ominous sounding vocals and a sitar.
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