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Itty Bitty Biters

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Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong entering the temple in Itty Bitty Biters.

Itty Bitty Biters is the twentieth level of Donkey Kong Country Returns and the fifth level in the Ruins world. It is the first level to feature Toothberrys, and the only level to have Toothcherrys and Acks present at the same time.


The course starts off outside a temple. The Kongs must then move forward a little ways, and grab a vine sticking out of a golden monkey head. Afterwards, the eye on a Toothberry statue will open, revealing a lone Toothberry sitting inside it. This will close after a few seconds, and then the mouth of the statue will open, letting the simians explore the temple. Inside, the player will see various small holes in the foreground and the background open up for a second, and Toothberrys can be seen peeking out. At a certain point, the blue furballs will begin to leap out of the floors and walls, and start jumping back and forth, gnashing their teeth, and making puppy noises. Near the end of this section, a wall will close, and a Cageberry is seen below. It must be flipped over, and pounded into the ground, in order to launch the primates high enough to reach a vine, and clear their path. This, along with some platforming is all the player will encounter until the checkpoint.

After the first checkpoint, the Kongs will begin encountering Toothcherrys, who jump out at them, alongside their smaller blue counterparts. These enemies will make larger leaps, and take 2 stomps to defeat, while the Toothberries only take small leaps, and only require one stomp. More Cageberries and somewhat tougher platforming will follow, until the 2nd checkpoint.

After the 2nd checkpoint, the player will encounter some larger platforms, and more of the foes from earlier in the course. Then after crossing some pits, the Kongs will encounter some Acks, who stand in towers of 5, and attempt to fall onto the player. Only 3 stacks of these enemies appear, and then, the simians will continue on their way. A short ways forward, the monkeys will jump into a room with multiple platforms in it. Here, Toothberrys will pop out, doing their usual attacks. After defeating them, an Arrow Barrel will appear, and launch the player through the floor, into a room below that, with a DK Barrel and some Toothcherrys. Defeating them, will make another Arrow Barrel appear, to launch Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong up through the room above them, and through the ceiling to the roof of the temple. Here, they must blow the leaves off of a DK Plate, and pound it 3 times, to make the end-of-level barrel appear.


  • When the player enters the temple, the music changes to a more ominous sounding music, but brightens back up once they reach the end.
  • When the player blasts up through the temple until they are outside, an elephant, (who possibly escaped hypnotization) runs away in fright as the Kongs blast through the ground.