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BananaCoinIconRight.png Squidly BananaCoinIconLeft.png
Squid Shot.png
A Squidly being shot out of a turret.

Homeland Donkey Kong Island, Beach
Sub-Species Electrasquid

Affiliations Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

Squidlies are enemies which appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns. They are torpedo-like squids that are infinitely shot out of turrets and when shot they will move in a straight line in the direction that the turret shot them. If they come in contact with a wall they will instantly be defeated. They can be avoided if timed correctly and they can easily be defeated by jumping on them.

The Turrets they are shot out of resemble stout barrels with metallic caps which are covered in starfishes and shells. Turrets usually have two cannons pointing both left and right however one of the two cannons is usually inactive and those with two functioning cannons are rather rare. Before firing, the gunman inside the Turret usually opens a small hatch in order to see, thus making it very predictable. The unknown gunman may actually be a Snaps or a Pinchley as concept artwork shows a red crab manning the turret.