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World Factory
Type Silhouette
Notable features Fog clears at end of level.
Bonus level(s) None

Enemies encountered No new ones introduced.

Game Donkey Kong Country Returns

Foggy Fumes is the first level of Factory world in Donkey Kong Country Returns. As the level is full of fumes, the level is in silhouette form. To beat the level you need to ground pound on a switch that turns on some fans and blows away all of the smoke in the factory and on the factory world map, allowing you to advance and see the rest of the map.


The level begins on a platform in a misty factory, (despite there being a dinosaur rib-cage, and a plant from the previous world at the beginning). After hopping across some platforms which are located on the spikes of giant gears, and dodging a Tiki Buzz, the Kongs will come across a raised platform with a DK Barrel on it, followed by a long platform with some bouncing screw-driver-like enemies on it. Dodging them will lead to an elevated platform with an Arrow Barrel next to it, which must be used. This will launch the player into the background, where they must hop across some elevated platforms, hanging at different levels. Then they launch back into the foreground, and reach the 1st checkpoint.

Afterwards, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong will come across a long wavy platform with rolling spiked wheels moving along it. These come out of tubes on the ceiling, so caution must be used to avoid them. After jumping across 2 of these platforms, the Kongs will blast onto a platform with a huge dip in the middle. In this dip are 2 large gears with platforms on each spike. Hop across these platorms to reach a red button, and pound it to clear the fog and blast to the end-of-level barrel.


  • This is one of the few stages to use silhouettes.
  • Mr. Game and Watch appears in the background of this level, and he appears to be hammering some pipes.
  • Near the beginning of the level you can see the first level of the original Donkey Kong, (25m). It is hard to spot as it looks a lot like the rest of the Factory equipment.
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