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DKCoinIconLeft.png Thugly DKCoinIconLeft.png

Family Mugly

Affiliates Tiki Tak Tribe
Enemies Kongs
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (cameo)

Thugly is a boss from Donkey Kong Country Returns. He is the boss of the Cliff. He is similar to Mugly in appearance but instead has purple skin, sharp teeth and armor.


Upon entering the highrise, Thugly is shown eating bananas on its platform. Soon after, Xylobone hypnotizes him and forces him to battle the Kongs. He jumps from the platform and roars, signaling the start of the battle.

He starts out by charging and when he breaks to avoid falling off, the armor flies up and shows his weak spot. It falls down and he turns around to charge again. Eventually, he will look around for the Kongs after breaking, extending the amount of time his weak spot is shown. Hitting it results in damage and it lets out squeal. After charging several more times, he eventually charges into a wall and stumble back, falling and revealing his underside as rocks from the ceiling begin to fall. He squeals after being hit once again, and goes to the left side of the arena, rears its back legs, and leaps and performs a body slam, sending shockwaves. It will charge normally and eventually look for the Kongs again, leaving his weakspot defenseless. It runs to its wall, begins stomping, and symbols appear. It roars as smoke explodes from it, and becomes orange.

Thugly will then jump into the middle of the arena and hits the ground, making that area fall. They fall to a bridge, where he runs to the other side and launches a stream of fire. His charges are faster and when he rears one of his legs and brings it down, his charges are even faster. When he does so, he hits the wall and falls back, revealing the underside once again. After being damaged several times, symbols appear once again and becomes red, repeating the same things he did when he became orange. They fell to the ground and it shoots a volley of fireballs, which, upon impact with the wall, ricochet off the wall and splits into smaller pieces. His battle techniques are similar to the orange form. After Donkey Kong slams its underside with both arms, Thugly is no longer hypnotized and upon flipping, the armor flies off in midair, and it lands on his back. He is assumed to have gone to sleep, as one can hear snoring. Xylobone flies out and is captured.



  • Mugly & Thugly seem to be a tribute to Very Gnawty & Really Gnawty from the original Donkey Kong Country. In these cases, the former is the first boss of the game, and the latter is the original re-colored and tougher, fought near the end of the game.
  • According to the Prima Guide, Thugly is related to Mugly.
  • Diddy can "feed" peanuts to the bosses Mugly or Thugly. If either of their mouths are open, they will catch them. After a certain amount of peanuts, they will stop to chew on the nuts, and expose their weak points, making them vulnerable to attack. This is indicated by hearts surrounding their heads, and only lasts for a short time. The player can only deal one hit, and then the boss will come back to their senses.

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