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Tidal Terror

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ExitIsNearSign.png Tidal Terror ExitSign.png
Tidal Terror
World Beach
Type Beach
Theme Tidal Terror
Notable features Tidal waves
Bonus level(s) 2
Puzzle Pieces 7
Enemies encountered Snaps, Jellybob, Pinchley, Tiki Buzz

Game Donkey Kong Country Returns

Tidal Terror is the seventh and the final regular level of the Beach area in Donkey Kong Country Returns. Upon completion of the level, the Scurvy Crew can be confronted.


A wave breaks apart a wall of rocks behind Donkey Kong. A Snaps is below him.

Tidal Terror appears to take place shortly after Stormy Shore, given the foreboding and eerie setting as opposed to typical Beach levels on bright, sunny and relaxing scenarios. As the level title suggests, the main feature of this level is in fact tidal waves. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong need to get to the other side of the beach and not get swept away from the giant tidal waves ravaging the shoreline. Luckily, some large rock pillars can be used as cover to protect the heroes from the waves. Some pillars have to be Ground Pounded up, as indicated by a large red button where the pillar will be sprung up when pounded. The duo will have to run from cover to cover making sure to avoid the waves and various Snaps and Pinchleys.



The bonus room.
  • Banana Coins: 10
  • Extra Life Balloons: 2
  • Barrels:
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: Located high above some Snaps; jump off them to reach the "K".
    • O: On a small platform in the brief cavern-like area. The heroes must cling onto a ceiling and drop down to get the "O".
    • N: Located between two platforms. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are both needed to use the Kong Roll, which will allow them to roll into the piece and jump up to the other platform.
    • G: Hovering high above some Squids. Jump on top of the Squid Shot and jump off its left side to get the "G".
  • Puzzle Pieces:
    • 1: Inside a Treasure Chest near the start of the level. Ground Pound it to get the piece.
    • 2: When the heroes reach the hull of a shipwreck, ground pounding the wooden piling will force another one up to the right, and the second Piece will come out.
    • 3: Rewarded for finishing the bonus room.
    • 4: After the checkpoint, the heroes will have to cling onto a ceiling. They can drop down to a platform with the fourth piece.
    • 5: Repeatedly ground pound a wash tub to get the final piece.


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