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Muncher Marathon

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Muncher Marathon is a level in Donkey Kong Country Returns. It is the last level before the Mangoruby Run in the Forest. Many Munchers chase after you in this level. The level's music is the same as in Flutter Flyaway and Longshot Launch.


The level begins on a wooden pathway with a couple pieces of raised ground on it. The biggest of which has a rusted fence on it, that must be rolled into 3 times to break, and then after jumping onto another ledge and dodging some falling pieces of wood, the player will drop off that ledge to find some Hopgoons and a DK Barrel. Then after bouncing on some pouches of odd spheres, the Kongs will Ground Pound through three logs, and then the odd spheres in the sacks are revealed to be Muncher eggs! Then the rest of the level consists of running as fast as possible, dodging obstacles, and avoiding getting swarmed by the spiders. About halfway though the runnung section, more spiders will come out of a crack in the wall, and increase the difficulty. Finally, the player will find an Auto-Fire Barrel to blast out of the area. Then after shooting out of the hollow tree trunk, the Kongs will find a Tutorial Pig and an Arrow Barrel. Then they must continue blasting upwards as quickly as possible, as a wave of Munchers are chasing them, and finally, there's the Slot Machine Barrel which marks the end of the level.


  • The falling and rising pieces of wood that can make the Kongs lose a heart, or a life, also makes Bananas, Banana Coins, or even hearts fall down and be collected.
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