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Gushin' Geysers

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ExitIsNearSign.png Gushin' Geysers ExitSign.png
CTRP DKReturns scrn02 Ev04.png
World Cloud Gateway
Type Beach

Animal Buddies None
Puzzle Pieces 7
Enemies encountered Squidly, Electrasquid, Snaggles, Jellybob

Game Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

Gushin' Geysers is the second level of Cloud Gateway from Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. It represents the second world of the game, the Beach.

As the level's name implies, the main mechanic of this level revolves around water geysers that propel the Kongs upwards and enable them to reach high areas.


Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong starts out in a beach near the crates on the left which contains Bananas and Banana Coins inside. As the Kongs walk right, they will find a platform on the right propelled upward by a geyser next to a pillar. The geyser propels them upwards to the platform and thus enable them to jump over the pillar. At a certain point in the level, the Kongs will find a button that must be pounded several times to reveal a cave. They will have to venture in caves for tansportation. The Kongs must use geysers for progressing through the level.



  • Banana Coin
  • Puzzle Pieces
  • Wooden Barrel
    • 1 When the Kongs land on the sand near the starting point, they must go left and pound a peg to make the first Puzzle Piece appear.
    • 2 When the Kongs see a Barrel near the first checkpoint, they must carry it to Squidly cannons where they should throw it at a wall marked with a target to collect the second Puzzle Piece.
    • 3 There is a wrecked ship before the second checkpoint with Bananas and the third Puzzle Piece inside. The Kongs must break the wooden platform on the top-left of the ship to collect them.
    • 4 After the second checkpoint, when the Kongs go near the Snaggleses, they must find the platform that topples toward the fourth Puzzle Piece upon landing on it. They must collect it and then quickly jump off.
    • 5 Near the geysers with Jellybobs is a platform with a chest. The Kongs must use a geyser to reach it and climb the grass above it to find the Puzzle Piece.
    • 6 There is a Bonus Area to the left of the first set of three geysers. Here, the Kongs must use the moving wooden platform to bounce up to collect the items and finally the sixth Puzzle Piece.
    • 7 Right before the end, the Kongs must collect the circling ring of Bananas next to an Electrasquid cannon above three geysers to reveal the last Puzzle Piece.