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Kong Pow

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The Kong Pow is a new move introduced in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, initiated by both players pressing the same button on their controllers (or the player pressing the assigned button if they are playing alone).


This move enables players to destroy all on-screen enemies and turn them into different items after filling a meter with 100 Bananas. When the move is used with Diddy Kong, any on-screen enemies will turn into Extra Life Balloons. When the move is used with Dixie Kong, all on-screen enemies will turn into Golden Hearts. When the move is used with Cranky Kong, any on-screen enemies will turn into Banana Coins. This move can only be used when either Diddy, Dixie, or Cranky is on Donkey Kong's back. The move cannot be used if Donkey Kong is alone, riding something, (Rocket Barrel, Rambi, Minecart, etc.) or in Barrel Cannons. It also cannot be used if DK is holding something, hit by an enemy, or an enemy is hit by him. When used in two-player co-op mode, the duo must be joined up in order to pull off the move.


  • The name of this attack is a pun on "kung pao" chicken, a Chinese delicacy.