Coconut Shooter

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DKBarrelsprite.png Coconut Shooter DKBarrelsprite.png
DK & Coconut Gun - Donkey Kong 64.png
Donkey Kong holds his Coconut Shooter.
Usage Firing coconuts at Coconut Switches and enemies.
Location Funky's Armory
Game appearances Donkey Kong 64

The Coconut Shooter, called the Coconut Gun in the DK Rap, is Donkey Kong's weapon in Donkey Kong 64.

The Coconut Shooter resembles a log with a twig sticking out of it; this is possibly the weapon's crosshair. As the name implies, the Coconut Shooter is capable of shooting coconuts.

The Coconut Shooter can be purchased from Funky Kong for three Banana Bunch Coins at Funky's Armory in Jungle Japes, the first area of Donkey Kong 64. With the Coconut Shooter, Donkey Kong gains the ability to shoot Banana Balloons, hit Coconut Switches and snipe enemies from afar.

There are special upgrades to the Coconut Shooter (as well as other weapons) that can be purchased at Funky's Armory. Some of these upgrades include a larger ammo capacity, a sniper scope and enemy-seeking ammo.

Interestingly, beta screenshots of Donkey Kong 64 showed that the Coconut Shooter was originally going to be a weapon similar to a double-barrel shotgun.

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