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For the stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl, see Jungle Japes (stage).
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Area theme: Jungle Madness
Entry requirement: One Golden Banana
Located: DK Isles
Enemies encountered: Gnawtys, Zingers, Klumps, Kabooms, Krashs, Kasplats
World boss: Army Dillo
Boss requirement: 60 bananas

Jungle Japes is the first world in the game Donkey Kong 64.

Since this is the first adventure stage of game, its where the player learns to do many things, including collecting bananas and transforming into Rambi. It is located in Donkey Kong Island, and requires one Golden Banana (found outside the entrance) to enter. Diddy Kong is held captive here in a mountain prison.

Golden Bananas[edit]

Jungle Japes
Kong Banana 1 Banana 2 Banana 3 Banana 4 Blueprint
Donkey Kong After DK climbs to where Diddy is caged, he will find a Golden Banana for the taking. After shooting the coconut switches on Diddy's cell and freeing him, DK will receive a Golden Banana After DK turns into Rambi the Rhino and recovers the DK switch, he can Simian Slam it to race for his Golden Banana near the entrance to the main jungle area. Towards the entrance to the main jungle area (above the giant boulder), DK can Baboon Blast to a Barrel Blast challenge (Once he's learned the Baboon Blast from Cranky). Once completed successfully, DK will receive a Golden Banana. In the entrance by the large boulder, DK's blueprint can be obtained by demolishing Kasplat.
Diddy Kong After Diddy shoots two peanut switches in the cave leading to the main jungle area, Diddy can go in the alcove and snag the Golden Banana. After DK (as Rambi the Rhino) destroys all the huts near Cranky's Lab, Didy's switch appears under one of the huts. Diddy can Simian Slam it to race towards the temporarily freed Golden Banana by Funky's Armory. After Diddy shoots the peanut switch by the Bananaporter 2, the giant tree by the bananaporter will sprout a temporary Ramp. Diddy can go up and into the open alcove. The alcove reveals a whole mine and after Diddy blasts the peanut switch in the mine, a ramp will appear for 30 seconds to a Diddy Switch. Once he uses the Simian Slam on the switch he can go to the top of the giant tree to get his Golden Banana. Diddy's Mine Cart challenge is inside the giant tree mine. In the mine cart challenge, Diddy needs to collect at least 50 Coins to get the Golden Banana. Diddy's Kasplat is in the Bananaporter 3's cave. Once obtained, Diddy can cash it into Snide to get a Golden Banana.
Lanky Kong After uncovering Lanky's switch using DK as Rambi, Lanky can Simian Slam his switch and race to his Golden banana by the cannon across from Funky's Amory. By using his Orangstand, Lanky can go up the steep slant by Cranky's area and play a Bonus Game for a Golden Banana. After Diddy opens the alcove in the cave that leads to Jungle Japes' main area, Lanky can shoot his Grape switch and free a Bonus Barrel and play to get a Golden Banana. After Diddy frees the cave by Diddy's Kasplat with the peanut switch, Lanky can Orangstand up the hill and blast the bees inside to free a Golden Banana. Lanky's Kasplat is by the Bonus barrel near Cranky's Area. Lanky can get the blueprint and Snide will give him a Golden Banana.
Tiny Kong In the alcove Diddy freed in the cave by the main entrance to Jungle Japes, Tiny can shoot the feather switch to free a Bonus game for a Golden Banana. After Rambi the Rhino (DK) frees the Tiny Switch, she can race to her Golden Banana near the alcove by the main water area by using her Simian Slam on the switch. Following the cave out near DK's Kasplat, Tiny can shoot the feather switches and enter another part of Jungle Japes. By jumping into her barrel, she can shrink and hop into a small trunk and collect the Golden Banana. Tiny can shrink once more and go into a tiny beehive near her barrel. She can then go through the many rooms and up a flight a rivited stairs to another Golden Banana. Tiny's Kasplat is right diagonal from DK's Kasplat. She can destroy him for a blueprint which can be traded for a Golden Banana from Snide.
Chunky Kong Chunky can destroy the big bolder in the main Jungle area and it will labor a Golden Banana. Once the boulder's gone, Chunky can Simian Slam the giant "X" under it and go down into a catacomb. He can make his way down a narrow path, blast the right pineapple switch (the statue's left eye) and swing to the Golden Banana. Chunky can lift a bolder in the mileway after DK has rammed (as Rambi) into the giant rambi wall blocking his Switch. He can Simian Slam it, then race to his Golden Banana near Snide's HQ. Once Chunky's learned Hunky Chunky, he can use his barrel move and jump to a Barrel bonus Game near the beehive. Chunky's Kasplat's on the left side after you shoot the statue's right eye. Chunky can swing to claim his blueprint.


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