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Residence Angry Aztec, Fungi Forest
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Affiliates Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Breathing fire, shockwaves
Enemies Diddy Kong
Chunky Kong
Games Donkey Kong 64

Dogadon is the second and fifth boss encountered in Donkey Kong 64. Dogadon is a large flying dragon with dragonfly-like wings.

He is fought twice during the events in Donkey Kong 64, at Angry Aztec and Fungi Forest, respectively. After Diddy Kong squishes a dragonfly in Angry Aztec, he will become enraged and fight him. In the first fight, he simply flies around and spits fireballs at Diddy Kong. Diddy can defeat him by throwing exploding barrels at him to knock him into the lava. In the second fight, he gets much tougher. He can create shock waves by hopping on the ground, and can even shoot a "wall" of fire that is impossible to avoid. After being knocked into the lava by Chunky three times, he causes the platform to sink. Chunky has to now disorient Dogadon with the exploding barrels, and become Hunky Chunky to defeat him via a mass pummeling. Dogadon is finished off by a punch into the wall, where he was thought to have been defeated by the lava. He survived the ordeal though, and is seen reporting to his master King K. Rool of how horrible the battles have been for him. He is last seen wanting to lie down due to not feeling well.