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DKCoinIconLeft.png Llama DKCoinIconLeft.png
Llama - Donkey Kong 64.png

The Llama.

Residence Llama's Temple (Angry Aztec)
Species Llama
Affiliates Donkey Kong
Powers/Abilities Cools lava into water
Games Donkey Kong 64

The Llama is a minor supporting character who only appears in Donkey Kong 64.

Game appearances[edit]

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

The Llama is first found in Donkey Kong 64 imprisoned inside of a cage at Angry Aztec. Donkey Kong can liberate it by completing a DK Pad challenge. Once it is completed, the Llama's cage bars rise, it runs out of its cage and heads off to its temple. It also leaves a Golden Banana behind for DK.

The Llama is later seen sleeping in its temple. A pool of lava is next to it. DK must play his bongos on a Music Pad to awaken the Llama, who then cools the lava into water by spitting into it. It is only seen yawning afterward. DK can swim in the body of water to stumble upon a nearby area where Lanky is imprisoned at.