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Mad Jack.png
In-game model of Mad Jack.

Residence Frantic Factory

Gender Male
Affiliates Kremling Krew
Enemies Tiny Kong
Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong 64

Mad Jack is the third boss from Donkey Kong 64. He is the boss for Tiny Kong despite being around ten times taller than her. His shortened name is Mad Jack.


Tiny meets Mad Jack.

Mad Jack has a brown/green eye and a red robotic eye, and wears what seems to be a red smock which is scratched at the front and side. He also wears orange gloves with holes in them, has a green head with seven spikes made out of metal, and sharp teeth. Through the holes in the gloves, coils can be spotted. This suggests that his fingers are made out of springs, as well as his arms. His box is orange with different objects like a spiral, sparkles and a question mark on it, as well as a blue rim on the edge.


  • Mad Jack was originally going to be made entirely out of junk, being called "Junk-in-the-Box". His springs are rusted, showing that he could be old, or he was made from scraps, supporting this. Another detail is he was from a toy rejection chute.
  • When he jumps out to throw fire, his lid appears too small.