Banana Fairy Princess

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The Banana Fairy Princess.

Residence Banana Fairy Island
Family Banana Fairies
Species Banana Fairy
Gender Female
Affiliates Kong family,
Donkey Kong Island

Games Donkey Kong 64

The Banana Fairy Princess is the queen of the Banana Fairies and only appears in Donkey Kong 64. She lives on Banana Fairy Island. She is larger than the other Banana Fairies.

After Tiny learns the Mini Monkey ability, she can jump in a Tiny Barrel on Banana Fairy Island to go inside of the Island's Banana Fairy head.

Inside, Tiny finds that the Banana Fairy Princess is crying. She tells Tiny that a huge tremor (presumably from K. Lumsy) had scared off the Banana Fairies, and they all scattered across DK Isles and nearby locations. The Banana Fairy Princess explains that the Fairies can only be captured by the Banana Fairy's Camera; she then provides the Kongs camera and ten film rolls for it. She also provides them with a shockwave attack.

After the Kongs take a picture of each Banana Fairy with the Banana Fairy's Camera, the Banana Fairy Princess rewards Tiny a Golden Banana with a Rareware sticker on it.

The Banana Fairy Princess's cry sounds identical to the Mermaid's cry over losing her pearls.