Army Dillo

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For the similarly named enemy in Donkey Kong Country, see Army.
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Residence Jungle Japes
Crystal Caves
Species Army
Affiliates King K. Rool
Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Fires fireballs from iron shell, flies upward with rocket boosters, fires a homing missile
Enemies Donkey Kong
Games Donkey Kong 64

Army Dillo is a gigantic Army with a heavily-armed metallic shell. It only appears in Donkey Kong 64 as one of the bosses.

Like Dogadon, Army Dillo was entrusted by King K. Rool to guard two Boss Keys to K. Lumsy's cage. It is fought twice in the game: first at Jungle Japes and later at Crystal Caves.

Army Dillo is featured in a cutscene seen when the player first enters Angry Aztec. In it, Army Dillo tries to explain to K. Rool that DK was too quick and promises revenge on DK. K. Rool scolds him and titles him a "failure". Army Dillo then faints.


Jungle Japes[edit]

DK's first fight with Army Dillo.

After the Kongs feed Scoff sixty bananas in Jungle Japes, he slams down on a platform, elevating Troff on his platform to the boss door keyhole. Troff unlocks the boss door, which then opens and depicts DK, picking him to battle Army Dillo.

The first battle is set in a jungle arena with a thunderstorm. Army Dillo comes of out a cave and heads into the arena. It pokes its head out its shell, and two giant cannons suddenly emerge from it. Army Dillo then chuckles and hides back in its shell. The battle starts.

Army Dillo stands in a fixed position and shoots fireballs from its cannons at DK, who must evade them. After shooting out a certain number, Army Dillo pokes out its head and chuckles at him. DK must toss a TNT Barrel at its head to attack it before it retreats back in its shell. If he does so, the explosion bombs Army Dillo upward, its shell sparks, and then electrocutes it.

Army Dillo then tries another method: running its shell over DK. It does so shortly and then stands in a fixed position again and blasts out fireballs. After firing out a certain number, like last time, Army Dillo pokes out its head and chuckles. DK must toss a TNT Barrel at its head again. This entire pattern repeats itself again.

When Army Dillo is hit a third time, its shell cannons break off. Army Dillo then flees and relinquishes the first Boss Key to K. Lumsy's cage.

Army Dillo can also be fought in Jungle Japes in the kiosk demo of Donkey Kong 64. A major difference in this version's battle is that Army Dillo is at a higher difficulty since its attack patterns and armament are identical to the retail version's Crystal Caves battle. This suggests that Army Dillo was originally planned to only be fought once. Another difference is that Army Dillo has lines throughout the battle, including:

  • "You dare challenge me?!"
  • "Ah ha ha ha!"
  • "Then I must crush you!"
  • "You can't beat me!"
  • "You'll never defeat K. Rool!"
  • "NO!"
  • "Noooooooo!"
  • "Aaaaaarrgghh!"

Its voice sounds completely different in the kiosk demo, in which its voice actor was Kevin Bayliss.

Crystal Caves[edit]

Army Dillo's final attack—raining fireballs down at DK.

Later in Crystal Caves, the Kongs must feed 350 Bananas to Scoff so that Troff to reach the boss door's keyhole. The boss door picks DK to fight Army Dillo again.

Just before the second battle, a few Kritters are seen in a hatch upgrading Army Dillo's armor for the battle. Some just banged on it. Army Dillo then rolls out of it and into the arena, which takes place in an ice cavern.

The first part is very similar to the previous battle's: Army Dillo blasts fireballs at DK; it eventually reveals its face and chuckles at DK, who must throw a TNT Barrel at its face.

Afterwards, it tries momentarily to run over DK, and then it reveals two rocket boosters from its shell and uses them to fly upward. It slams itself back on to the ground and creates a shockwave which DK must jump over. Army Dillo shoots out fireballs again; it eventually reveals its face again and chuckles at DK, who must toss another TNT Barrel at its face. This pattern is repeated another time.

After being hit a third time, Army Dillo's two fireball cannons break off. It tries again momentarily to roll over DK, flies upward and slams back on the ground, creating a shockwave. It creates another one again.

Afterward, Army Dillo reveals a gigantic cannon from the center of its shell. It flies upward and blasts fireballs out of it rapidly in the air. The fireballs rain downward, and DK must avoid them. Army Dillo then fires out a homing missile, which DK must also avoid. Army Dillo reveals its face again and chuckles at DK, who must toss a TNT Barrel at its face a final time.

Upon being hit by it, Army Dillo is defeated, because its shell explodes. It then vanishes in the air and gives up its second Boss Key.