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Kalypso - Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.png

Kalypso in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast
Residence Crocodile Isle
Species Kritter
Affiliations King K. Rool
Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Sharp claws
Enemies Tiny Kong,
Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

Kalypso a female Kritter who appears in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. She and Kass are the only female Kremlings in the Donkey Kong series.


Kalypso has pale blue-green skin, and she wears a skull-designed purple top, and blue jeans with a skull belt. Her hairstyle is a large purple afro. Her size compliments Tiny Kong's. Kalypso has been described as a cool and attractive character, but it is said she has an irritating laugh.

Kalypso's name is derived from "calypso", a type of Caribbean folk music. This is based on her resemblance to afro dancers.


Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

Kalypso is unlockable in her first appearance, Donkey Kong Barrel Blast.

To unlock Kalypso, the player must complete the Sapphire Cup with a Kremling. Kalypso is also the rival to Tiny Kong, and has a claw attack. Kalypso's bongos are designed to represent her purple pallet and golden jewelry. She has top boost, good speed and below average agility. Her attacks are not very powerful.

  • Boost: 5/5
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Agility: 2/5

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

A sticker and a trophy of Kalypso appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, both of which are unlockable.

Trophy description (USA):
A cool beauty with chic makeup and groovy hair. Kalypso combines enough acceleration to break free from the pack with a respectable top speed. Her cornering is a bit weak, but good players should be able to overcome this. Her claw attack will get you...if her high-pitched laugh doesn't.

  • Wii Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast (2007)

Trophy description (Europe):
A cool beauty with chic make-up and groovy hair. A strong leader figure, she has full trust of all the Kremling Krew. She boasts excellent reflexes, and is very accomplished in sports and dancing. The clubhouse she owns is regarded as something of an oasis for Kremlings.

  • Wii Donkey Kong: Jet Race (2007)