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Sawmill Thrill

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World Autumn Heights
Type Minecart
Notable features Sawblades, wooden rails, water-skimming.
Bonus level(s) ???
Puzzle Pieces ???
Enemies encountered Snomads

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Sawmill Thrill is the fourth level in Autumn Heights in the Wii U game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


The level starts off in a rainy forest on a relatively short ledge. A nearby Arrow Barrel launches Donkey Kong into a Minecart. After traveling down a steep slope and hopping over some small gaps, another Arrow Barrel launches the player through a glass window into the sawmill. Inside, players must carefully jump over and duck under some small sawblades suspended just above the rails, while jumping over chunks of wood that are sitting on them. Afterwards comes a series of large logs being carved by gigantic sawblades. As the blades tear the wood apart, a path for the Kongs to take is gradually formed. Directly after this is the first Tutorial Pig.

Following this is a short series of rails to roll along, with the last of which dropping off into the abyss. At this point, Donkey Kong automatically jumps from the cart into a chunk of wood shaped like a sled, which controls exactly like the cart. A small inclined rail leads outside the sawmill, where the player will land underwater briefly whenever they jump, floating back to the surface immediately. Pointed vertical logs and Snomad owls are present as hazards. Before long, the Kongs will end up back on the rails, though only to get back in the water instead. A segment similar to the previous one leads back into the mill, where the player enters a harmless machine with the level's second checkpoint immediately after.

The aforementioned machine is shown to give the player a new minecart for the rest of the stage. After hopping to a few rails set above or below some giant sawblades, the third of which will come loose and roll after the player, destroying the track and sending chunks of wood into their way, which must be jumped over or ducked under. After a bit, pieces of rails will fly into the air, which must be jumped to as they briefly stay airborne above an abyss. Finally, a sloped track leads back outside once again, where a set of crooked rails are present, followed by the level's Slot Machine Barrel.