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Aqueduct Assault

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Aqueduct Assault
World Donkey Kong Island
Type Ice/Ruins
Notable features Crumbling Platforms

Puzzle Pieces ???
Enemies encountered Snomads

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Aqueduct Assault is the third level of the Donkey Kong Island in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It is based off of the Ruins world of that game.


The level starts off in a shadowy ruined temple, only lit up by a few torches. This temple lies in the middle of a frozen jungle on Donkey Kong Island. After this, Donkey Kong will have to cross a series of frozen ruins platforms which slowly sink downwards once he steps on them. The areas with ice on them give the player slippery physics, making the level harder. After this sequence us a short series of Arrow Barrels (which disappear after use), leading to an icy slope which leads inside a temple. More frozen platforms are present to slow the Kongs progress. Enemies such as giant walruses and archer penguins who shoot frozen fish are present, though they can be defeated with a nearby Wooden Barrel. Afterwards, the platforms no longer have ice on them for the rest of the temple, where a DK Barrel can also be found. After this is a slippery platform, a bouncy platform which is frozen over, and the first checkpoint.

After this is a few more icy platforms, (though now, some of them have giant ice blocks on them, which can potentially slow the simians' progress down. This is followed by an Arrow Barrel, launching the player into the background for another sequence similar to this one. Another barrel is present, launching them back into the foreground, where they must begin moving quickly along a giant temple which is sinking into the abyss below. The sequence is split in half by a short Auto-Fire Barrel sequence. Another one of said barrels is present at the end of this section, launching players to an icy slope, which leads to the level's Slot Machine Barrel.