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Cannon Canyon

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Cannon Canyons
World Bright Savannah
Type Canyon/Desert
Notable features Barrel Cannons. Dynamite.
Bonus level(s) 1
Puzzle Pieces ???
Enemies encountered Snomads

Game Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Cannon Canyons is the sixth level of Bright Savannah in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


The level starts off in a rocky canyon in the middle of a savannah. Beyond the starting point is a short platforming sequence over some sturdy wooden platforms. One of which has a DD Barrel on it, and another one leads to a Bonus Room. After this is a longer platform with three ropes dangling above it. Each rope has a bundle of dynamite attatched to the end of it, which can harm the Kongs if they're not careful. After this comes a platform with a swinging dynamite rope over it, followed by another one of said ropes which swings over two platforms. Afterwards, the player will encounter a platform leading to an Arrow Barrel, which they must be careful when using, as there is a rope of dynamite raising and lowering just right of it. This processs will be repeated twice more, followed by another Arrow Barrel, which launches the simians into a wooden wall, knocking it over. Another sequence of dodging dynamite occurs directly after, though now the camera is in a behind-the-back perspective. At the end of said sequence, the player is launched into another wall, knocking it over so it can be used as a bridge. The first Tutorial Pig will automatically save their progress upon reaching this area.

After this is a series of wooden platforms hanging over a larger platform. The larger platform leads to a penguin who is carrying a bomb. The bomb can be picked up after the penguin is defeated, and can then be thrown at a nearby wall to access the area behind it. Beyond this point is a series of wooden pillars that each have a bundle of dynamite attatched to them. This dynamite automatically detonates when Donkey Kong passes by, causing the pillar to potentially fall onto him. The plast of these pillars will crush the nearby Arrow Barrel which must be used to enter the next barrel-blasting sequence. This time however, the cannons now tilt in various directions, making it more difficult to avoid the dynamite ropes. On top of this, more of the explosive pillars are present, forcing players to move fast. After this, the Kongs will blast down a waterfall, and then blast across the river, keeping an eye on the large fish which occcasionally jumps from the water. Soon after, the player blasts between two wooden walls, causing them to ricochet off of them as they propel upwards. Then comes a few more barrel cannons which all shoot directly into the background; a bundle of dynamite in each gap, serving as a hazard. After this brief sequence, the players finally land on a wooden platform with the Slot Machine Barrel on it.