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DK: King of Swing

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DK: King of Swing
Developer(s) Paon
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Game Boy Advance,
Virtual Console (Wii U)
Release date: Game Boy Advance:
Europe February 4, 2005
Australia March 17, 2005
Japan May 19, 2005
USA September 19, 2005

Virtual Console (Wii U):
Japan November 19, 2014
USA November 20, 2014
Genre Platformer, Puzzle
ESRB:ESRB E.png - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.png - 3+

DK: King of Swing (known in Japan as Bura Bura Donkey) is a spin-off game featuring Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The game is a unique platformer/puzzle game that primarily uses the Game Boy Advance's L and R buttons. The game also features multiplayer modes including a race mode and a battle mode. It is the predecessor to DK: Jungle Climber.

DK: King of Swing was released on the Wii U's Virtual Console in November 2014.


This game takes place a the Jungle Jam Tournament, a huge festival in the jungle. Just when Cranky was about to announce the winner, King K. Rool steals the medals, and Donkey Kong goes on a journey to recover them. K. Rool has hidden medals in every level, usually in Wooden Barrels or hard to reach areas. Donkey Kong's quest will take him all over DK Island, where he will explore his own jungle in Jungle World, traverse the desert in Wild West World, swim through Aqua World, travel through Ice World, and destroy K. Rool's airship, K. Kruizer III.


General Gameplay

Donkey Kong climbs near a Flitter.

King of Swing has unique game play in the fact that the "L" and "R" buttons are the main buttons to be used in order to get around; The directional pad is not needed at all, and the "A" and "B" buttons are only used when DK wants to power up or restore health. Every level involves Donkey Kong climbing up pegs to progress. Pressing "L" will make Donkey Kong walk left on the ground, or make him attempt to grab with his left hand in mid air, and pressing "R" will make him move right on the ground or grab with his right hand. Pressing both "L" and "R" while on the ground will make DK jump.

Grabbing a peg with only one hand will make DK spin clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on what hand was used. Releasing the peg will send DK flying in the direction he was oriented at. Holding both "L" and "R" while on a peg will make Donkey Kong prepare a charge attack. Upon flashing red, releasing the buttons will make DK roll into a ball and charge forward. Contacting an enemy while mid charge will usually defeat them, unless the enemy is protected on the side that they were hit on (i.e. Zinger cannot be hit on their back).

In each level, Bananas and Banana Bunches can be amassed. Making physical contact with bananas will add them to DK's "collection" of bananas, as visualized in the lower right corner of the screen. He can use his storage of bananas for two abilities. Having at least ten bananas in storage will allow Donkey Kong to spend them to restore one heart out of his three, by pressing the "B" button. The hearts represent his health, and if he has all three hearts filled, he cannot heal himself any more. There are no checkpoints within levels, so keeping Donkey Kong healthy is important. If DK has at least twenty bananas on standby, he can press the "A" button to spend twenty bananas and enter a state described as "going bananas". While going bananas, he cannot be hurt, and builds up charge very quickly. He can charge through any cluster of enemies or obstacles with no problem.

Additionally, in each level there are Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals to be found, as well as Crystal Coconuts. Medals are usually found within Wooden Barrels in detours in the level's usual path, or in heard to reach areas. Crystal Coconuts are obtained in various ways; They can be obtained by defeating a specific enemy within the level, they can be found in wooden barrels, or they can be rewarded for finishing Bonus Levels within a level. While not required for finishing the game, these items will unlock bonus content outside of the main adventure.

Diddy Mode, which is unlocked after getting all of the medals in the adventure mode, has some differences with the usual game. The tutorial stage is automatically skipped, Diddy is the only character playable, as implied, and he has better jumping capabilities than Donkey Kong. Additionally, there are no Crystal Coconuts, and thus no Bonus Levels. Finally, there are no more bananas out in the open; They are collected upon defeating enemies.


A Silver Medal in Kremling Kamp is found between two spike balls. It is a tricky jump to make, but doable.
  • Banana: Bananas are collectible fruit that can be used to restore a heart or become briefly powered up.
  • Banana Bunch: Bundles of bananas. A small banana bunch gives five bananas at once, while a large banana bunch gives ten.
  • Bomb: Bombs are found in select levels, and are the only way to damage the fourth boss, Sassy Squatch. Upon grabbing a bomb, its fuse will be lit, and after a short amount of time, it will explode.
  • Bonus Barrel: A large wooden barrel with a "B" imposed on it. Getting into it will launch Donkey Kong to a timed bonus stage which usually demands that he gather all of the bananas in the room within the time limit.
  • Crystal Coconut: A collectible item found once in a level. Getting all of them in the game unlocks Wrinkly Kong as a playable character.
  • Medals are prizes for winning Jungle Jams that K. Rool steals at the start of the game. Within the adventure mode, a bronze, silver, or gold medal is found once per level. They are usually in wooden barrels or hard to reach areas. The prize for defeating a boss is always a gold medal.
  • Stone: A throwable item that will damage enemies, barrels, and obstructions.
  • Wooden Barrel: A breakable barrel that usually has an item inside.
  • ? Barrel: A breakable barrel that influences something within a level, usually opening a path.


  • Adventure: The single player campaign. There are twenty five levels in total, including boss levels. Donkey Kong is the only character playable in this mode at first, and Diddy Kong can be selected as part of Diddy Mode after finishing the campaign.
  • Single Jungle Jam Tournament: The Jungle Jam multiplayer mode with the computer controlling the other three characters. The Jungle Jams are mini-games that the playable characters cab partake in. There are a variety of events playable, with the majority of the events being races.
  • Multiplayer Jungle Jam Tournament: The Jungle Jam with up to three other people via the Game Boy Advance link cable.
  • Extras:
    • Cranky's Lectures: The game's tutorial.
    • Time Attack: The time trial mode of the game.
    • Diddy Mode: Toggles the playable character in Adventure mode.



In King of Swing, Donkey and Diddy Kong are playable in the Adventure mode. Them and everyone else listed are playable in the Jungle Jam mode. Each character's jumping ability and power are ranked out of five, with five being the strongest and one being weakest.

Default characters

DK grabbing a peg
  • Donkey Kong: The main protagonist of the story. He is the only character initially playable in the adventure mode, with Diddy Kong becoming playable after finishing the game. He has 3 Jump and 3 Attack, making him a balanced character.
  • Diddy Kong: The other protagonist in the story, being playable in the adventure mode after DK completes it and gets every medal. He is smaller and more agile, boasting a higher jump, at 4, and lower attack, being 2.
  • Dixie Kong: Diddy's girlfriend and is seen in the single player as a participant of the Jungle Jam tournament. She has the highest jump out of the Kongs, at 5, and the lowest power, with only 1 power.
  • Funky Kong: A surfer Kong who boasts the strongest attack of the Kongs, having 4 attack power, and 2 jump.


  • Kritter: A Kremling grunt that is encountered as an enemy throughout the game. To unlock him, acquire six gold medals in Jungle Jams. He shares his stats with Donkey Kong, with three in each stat.
  • Wrinkly Kong: Cranky's deceased wife, and is seen in the tutorial stage. To unlock her, acquire all 20 Crystal Coconuts in Adventure mode. She has 5 jump and 2 attack, making her a superior choice over Dixie Kong.
  • King K. Rool: The Kremling leader and antagonist of the game. Getting a gold medal in every Jungle Jam will make him a selectable character. He has the lowest jump, being 1, and the highest attack, at 5.
  • Bubbles: A red balloon fish from the Nintendo Entertainment System title Clu Clu Land. To unlock Bubbles, Diddy mode must be finished and all 24 medals must be collected. Bubbles' stats are 4 jump and 4 attack.


  • Cranky Kong: Donkey Kong's grumpy grandfather who gives DK a tutorial on how to play the game.
  • Candy Kong: Donkey Kong's love interest, seen only in cut scenes in the adventure mode.


Mini Necky

Throughout the game, Donkey or Diddy Kong will encounter the various minions of K. Rool's Kremling Krew. Some of the enemies of King of Swing are actually from previous DK titles, while some are unique to the game.

  • Bat: A generic bat enemy found flying in caves. They can be defeated with a charge attack.
  • Click-Clack: Beetle enemies previously seen in Donkey Kong Country 2. They are seen in one stage, Cactus Woods. They will try to charge into Donkey Kong with their pincers in front, so DK should avoid their front and charge attack their backside to defeat them.
  • Ghost: Ghosts are seen in the level Ship of Souls. They can go invisible and move through objects. When a ghost reappears, it can hurt DK by contact. They can be defeated with a charge attack while they move.
  • Kritter: A common Kremling seen throughout the entire game. They can climb on the pegs and do most things DK can, including pulling levers, valves, and throwing objects.
  • Neek: Mice that were previously featured in DKC2. They scurry on peg boards, usually in a set path. Neek can be defeated with a charge attack.
  • Mini Necky: Bird enemies from the original Donkey Kong Country. They fly around outdoor stages, and even have their own level named after them, Necky's Canyon.
  • Zinger: Bee enemies also from DKC. They cannot be hurt from the back.


Like in most platformers, bosses are fought at the end of each world. Defeating a boss will reward Donkey Kong with a Gold Medal.

  • Congazuma is the first boss of the game, found at the end of Jungle World. It is a living statue that jumps around an area. Upon landing a charge attack on it, Congazuma will become red colored and jump more frequently for a short period of time. After getting four attacks on it, it will be defeated.
  • Fire Necky is the second boss, encountered in Wild West World. It is a phoenix that attacks by flying into Donkey Kong and spitting flaming rocks at him. The flaming rocks will cool off into throwable rocks that will damage Fire Necky when thrown into him.
  • Davy Bones is a skeleton of an eel, and the boss of Aqua World. Davy Bones will charge at Donkey Kong from a corner of its lair, and upon emerging, its tail can be grabbed and it can be thrown into some spikes to damage it.
  • Sassy Squatch is a large sasquatch that has adapted to the environment of Ice World. It attacks by headbutting and chasing DK up pegs. DK must throw bombs into its mouth to inflict damage.
  • King K. Rool is the Kremling leader and the one responsible for stealing the medals. Upon confronting him in his airship, the K. Kruizer III, he will challenge Donkey Kong to a race before actually fighting him.

Worlds and levels

Jungle World

In DK: King of Swing, there are five worlds in total, with four levels that must be finished to access the boss battle of the world. After defeating the boss, the next world is made available. Within each world, usually there are two paths Donkey Kong can go in his quest, that ultimately come together. In Wild West World, Aqua World, and Ice World, the start of the world has a fork in the path, allowing Donkey Kong to pick which level he wants to start with.

Jungle World

Jungle World is based on Kongo Jungle, which is the Kongs' home jungle. It is a vivid jungle,which has a cave and a pyramid.

Wild West World

Wild West World

Wild West World is a desert east of Jungle World. It has a mine shaft, a cactus field, and a tornado.

Aqua World

Aqua World

Aqua World is a body of water between Wild West World and Ice World. It has a waterfall, a ghost ship, and a Kremling outpost.

Ice World

Ice World

Ice World is a snowscape directly underneath where the K. Kruizer is flying. It has a ravine, a large castle made of ice, and the ruins of a previous castle submerged underwater.

K. Kruizer III

K. Kruizer III

The K. Kruizer III is King K. Rool's airship. DK will have to ride a Booster Barrel to get to it.

Jungle Jam Events

Climbing Race

  • Climbing Race 1
  • Climbing Race 2
  • Climbing Race 3
  • Climbing Race 4
  • Climbing Race 5

Obstacle Course

  • Obstacle Course 1
  • Obstacle Course 2
  • Obstacle Course 3
  • Obstacle Course 4

Attack Battle

  • Attack Battle 1
  • Attack Battle 2
  • Attack Battle 3

Barrel Blast

  • Barrel Blast 1
  • Barrel Blast 2

Color Capture

  • Color Capture


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