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Donkey Kong 3

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Donkey Kong 3
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platforms Arcade, NES
Release date: Arcade
Japan June 4, 1984
USA November 4, 1986
Europe September 15, 1987

USA April 21, 2003

Virtual Console (Wii)
USA July 14, 2008
Japan July 23, 2008
Europe January 9, 2009
Australia January 9, 2009

Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Japan March 27, 2013
USA December 5, 2013
Europe December 12, 2013
Australia December 12, 2013
South Korea July 6, 2016

Virtual Console (Wii U)
USA September 26, 2013
Europe October 24, 2013
Australia October 24, 2013
Japan November 6, 2013
Genre Shooter
Ratings ESRB: E
Modes 1-2 players
Walkthrough on Strategy Wiki Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong 3 is the name of the last game in the Donkey Kong arcade trilogy, and also on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Oddly, the game stars Stanley the Bugman instead of Jumpman.

The game was also released on the e-Reader, and the NES version was later rereleased on the Virtual Console for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U.


Donkey Kong breaks into Stanley's greenhouse and goes to hang in the rafters where he stirs up nests of bugs, which will destroy his flowers. Armed with a can of bugspray, Stanley must destroy the bees and chase Donkey Kong away before he eats all five of his vegetables.


In the game, players must repel Donkey Kong using bugspray as well as other insects inhabiting his greenhouse. There are three rounds, and once the player clears the third round, he returns to the first. It is often viewed as the worst of the Donkey Kong arcade games due to its very different gameplay. The first level has 3 blue platforms.



  • Beespies
  • Beebombs
  • Queen Buzzbees
  • Buttiflies
  • Buzzbees
  • Beetles
  • Moths
  • Creepies
  • Vine Eaters (arcade only)


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