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Super Guide

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"Super Kong? Bah, fiddlesticks. I could do a better job with my eyes tied behind my back! Now where did my cane get off to?" -Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Country Returns Instruction Manual.

Super Guide is an option that has appeared in several Nintendo games when a player loses a certain amount of lives in a single level. The Super Guide will complete the level via the main route for the player. All items picked up while the Super Guide is active will not be collected. At any time, the player may press a button to gain control of the Super Guide.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Super Kong

The Super Guide makes its first appearance in the Donkey Kong series in Donkey Kong Country Returns with the addition of Super Kong and Super Diddy Kong, silver versions of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, respectively. If the player dies 8 times, a Pig will appear to give the player the "Super Guide" option to help the player finish the level. If chosen, Super Kong and Super Diddy Kong will finish the level for the player, finding all collectibles as well.

The inclusion of Super Kong was highly controversial with longtime fans, most of which view the Super Kong as a bad inclusion that is not to be used. In fact, most longtime fans are quite pleased with Donkey Kong Country Returns' high difficulty scale and find players who use the Super Kong as people with poor skill, and nothing to brag about.[1][2]


  • If the player chooses Super Guide for Tiki Tong Terror, the Super Guide will play the level, but the cutscene will still show the normal Donkey and Diddy, whilst other cutscenes will still show the Super Kongs.


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