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For the console developed by Nintendo, see Nintendo Switch.
DKBarrelsprite.png Switch DKBarrelsprite.png
Target Switch - Donkey Kong 64.png

A Peanut Switch.
Usage Various functions, mainly opening a door or gate
Location DK Isles stages
Game appearances Donkey Kong 64

Switches, also known as Target Switches, are a switch present in every stage of Donkey Kong 64, including the hub world DK Isles. A Switch is activated if the appropriate Kong, whose weapon ammo corresponds to the switch's picture, uses his or her weapon to shoot at a switch. Each one has a specific function, namely opening a door or gate.

There are five different types of Switches, and each Kong has a unique switch that can only be activated by him or her. DK can use his Coconut Shooter to fire at Coconut Switches, Diddy can use his Peanut Popguns to fire at Peanut Switches, Lanky can use his Grape Shooter to fire at Grape Switches, Tiny can use her Feather Bow to fire at Feather Switches, and Chunky can use his Pineapple Launcher to fire at Pineapple Switches.