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"I hate to break it to you, but what people call "love" is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. ... Break the cycle Morty, rise above, focus on science."

Hello, I'm HavocReaper48. I'm the big bad b'crat of this Wiki. Feel free to ask me anything on my talk page. You may also find me on SmashWiki.

On DKWiki[edit]


I've been editing on Donkey Kong Wiki since back when it was on Wikia. I believe my first edit was in late October '09, a few weeks after I joined SmashWiki. I saw this place could really use help, and so I joined. Eventually I became an admin, and led massive improvements to the wiki. About a year later, in November '10, I aided in the wiki's migration off of Wikia. We left Wikia for various reasons, and overall I'm glad where we are now.


Todo list:

  • Always:
    • Improve readability of all templates + implement new template image backgrounds. (if you see a template and have ANY difficulty reading it PLEASE call it out and ill fix it). Cool colors
  • Currently:
    • DKCR Levels
    • DK 64
    • (Both are on hold until I figure out all the issues in emulation. Dolphin shouldn't be an issue for DKCR, just need to fully setup everything. N64 emulation, on the other hand, just isn't all that great because the system was so weird in the first place)
  • Future: (no particular order)
    • DKCTF Levels + misc
  • Completed: ("Completed" meaning it has every level article finished and no loose ends)
    • Country & Land trilogy
    • King of Swing

Any/all help is greatly appreciated.

My DK Games[edit]

Game Score/10 My thoughts
DKC Front Cover.png
Donkey Kong Country
7 Donkey Kong Country the first video game I recall playing, and boy did I get started off with a great game. The original Donkey Kong Country will always have a place in my heart, for its simplistic gameplay, atmospheric appeal, and phenomenal soundtrack. As a kid, I would play through the game multiple times, whether it be on Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance, or Wii. Nowadays, the SNES ain't doing so hot, which is why I got it for Wii. Apparently I bought it at the right time, too, cuz now the game is unavailable on the Wii Shop. Anyway, looking back at it now, although DKC does have its shortcomings, such as its short length and at times repetitive game play, I still play it to this day.

Random trivia: Once I tried to play the game on my SNES, only to get the "This is an illegal copy" message. I tried again later and it worked.

Donkey Kong Country 2
8.5 I first discovered Donkey Kong Country 2 at a Blockbuster, it being on one of those Game Boy Advance demo stands glued into the table. Whoever left it was on a time trial on the second level, and was far behind the usual completion time. Ramblings aside, I have this game on GBA and Wii, and find it superior to the original. It added more levels, more game play mechanics, more everything, even difficulty. The only thing it removed was the atmosphere from the original -- now it's gloomy and depressing. However, it was clear the main focus of Rare was to improve game play wise, adding more action. That being said, the gloomy feel is done well, and the amazing soundtrack does it justice. There are a few issues I have with the game, being its cruel difficulty and the fact that Dixie pretty much steals the show with her ability to glide, making whoever gets Diddy feel like they drew the short straw.

Random trivia: Yes, BlockBuster is where I was introduced to DKC2, as well as the Sly Cooper series .

DKC3 Cover.jpg
Donkey Kong Country 3
8 Despite being the last of the original DKC games I have played, it was actually the first one I managed to fully complete, in this game's case at 105%. As for the game itself, it revived the happier DKC1 feeling, added even more game play mechanics and unlockables. There's a ton of depth to the game, no doubt about it, and it will take a while to conquer it. I only have a few qualms with the game, being the fact that Kiddy Kong is quite annoying, certain level gimmicks being kind of annoying, the overall baby-feel resonating from the game. I mean, come on, have you seen the game over screen? Was that necessary, Rare? The boss design is pretty solid, though.

Belcha, man, that thing is just creepy. Slenderman doesn't hold a candle to Belcha.

DKCR boxart.jpg
Donkey Kong Country Returns
9 Let me start off by saying Donkey Kong Country Returns has one of the most appropriate titles ever. DKCR is one of the few reasons I bother to turn on my Wii, other than to play Smash Bros. Brawl. DKCR truly manages to reignite the 2D platforming glory of the good old days. The game has excellent visuals, unique levels, plenty of secrets, and a completely new cast of enemies. In addition, the 2 player simultaneous co op was implemented quite well, giving players options to work together for the overall good. My gripes with the game are the forced motion controls, lack of classic controller support, inability to play with friends over wifi, and the "super guide" feature existing. I hope there is a sequel in the works which addresses these issues, and perhaps adds 4 player co op, like in the new Mario or Kirby games.

Welp, looks like in the 3DS remake, they made the game with 5 year olds in mind. I mean really, you're able to fly on a balloon for falling down a gap? Remember when falling down a bottomless abyss meant something? Also, even more Hearts and instant DK Barrels? And most likely, Super Guide could be coming back. Next up should be a "finish game" item for 10 coins.

DKC-TF Boxart.jpg
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
9.5 I finally got it. I really don't have too much to say really, it's everything I expected; it improved upon DKCR, removed forced motion control, and now in HD. The soundtrack and presentation is incredible. The boss fights are fun and the game is overall more challenging. My only complaints are the lack of 4 player local co-op, because that actually could of pulled off given the four playable characters, and lack of Enguarde.
Donkey Kong Land Box Art.jpg
Donkey Kong Land
6 Finally got to play this via 3DS Shop. DK Land is a solid platformer, but the controls/physics need some getting used to, and even when you do, it just seems clunky and off. Overall its just not up to par with the SNES DKC for obvious reasons. It maintains the cleverly hidden bonus areas in classic Rare style, which never get old. I give this game credit for best attempting to act like a semi-sequel to its SNES counterpart -- it has unique enemies and settings. DKL2 didn't even try, and DKL3 just said "Hey, there's a reason to return to the exact same setting this time, okay?". Would love to see Kremlantis come back.

Flying pigs for Best K. Rool Minion Ever?

Donkey Kong Land 2 Box Art.jpg
Donkey Kong Land 2
7.5 It's essentially a bite-sized version of DKC2. It's more polished and smooth than DKL, albeit less quirky and original; unlike DKL, which added new areas and enemies, DKL2 uses only locations and enemies from DKC2. The level designs are good and the gameplay is solid. Playing through the entire thing gave me an appreciation for it; its just a simplified DKC2. Sometimes the camera can get you killed, which is one of my gripes with the game. Also Animal Antics let me down, I expected more than three animal buddies and for it to not be that easy.

The whole "island resurrected by magic" thing for a plot would of been pretty cool, admittedly.

Donkey Kong Land 3 Box Art.jpg
Donkey Kong Land III (GBC)
8 The best out of the Land trilogy in my opinion. The GBC port is simply awesome; It's super obvious it was a GB game and some of the levels really shine with a new coat of paint. The water levels, waterfall levels, pipeline levels, and jungle levels all looked awesome, while the factory and snow levels are subpar in comparison. I guess there was only so much they can do. The gameplay itself is just a simplified DKC3, where you don't need to use Kiddy nearly as much; even though I dislike Kiddy I do feel somewhat bad that he got shafted in this game, literally the only reason to use him is for Krumples, and even within that, there's usually some barrel nearby or Dixie can fly over them. Dixie completely steals the show, much more so than in DKC2, but at least she is fun to play. The secrets got a little cryptic at times but overall I generally got most of them on my first try. The camera was somewhat improved, I overall didn't die to it as much.

If Rare were to rerelease the GBC game in the English e-shop I would insta-buy.


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