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Time Attack (Donkey Kong Land III)

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Time Attack
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The Time Attack menu
Game(s) Donkey Kong Land III
For the mode in DK: King of Swing, see Time Attack (DK: King of Swing).

Time Attack is an unlockable mode in Donkey Kong Land III. It is unlocked when Dixie and Kiddy have collected every DK Coin and Bonus Coin and have defeated Baron K. Roolenstein in the Lost World. Completing Time Attack is the final requirement for a 103 percent ranking.


Twelve levels are featured in Time Attack, each with a different environment. Every one was renamed in this mode based on its environment. The Kongs' objective is to finish every level faster than its programmed time. During a level run, a timer is displayed at the bottom of the screen, keeping track of how long Dixie and Kiddy are in a level. After the Kongs beat a level's programmed time, an exclamation mark appears to the right of that level's name in the Time Attack menu.

Dixie races through Ford Knocks in Time Attack.

If the player selects a game file which Time Attack is unlocked in, the mode's menu pops up first. It has a "RE-ENTER GAME" option, which the player can select to exit Time Attack and into the main game. By doing this, the player can only re-enter Time Attack by resetting and then selecting the file it was unlocked on in the "File Select" menu.

In the original Game Boy version, the Kongs' most recent level completion time is displayed at the bottom of the Time Attack menu, except if they exit a level during its run. This feature is was removed from the Game Boy Color re-release.

Levels and their default times

Level name Time Attack name Programmed time
Ford Knocks Stilt 0:48:00
Liftshaft Lottery Mill 1:30:00
Polar Pitfalls Snow 0:53:00
Riverbank Riot River 0:55:00
Seabed Shanty Coral 1:20:00
Simian Shimmy Tree 1:22:00
Clifftop Critters Cliff 1:20:00
Bazuka Bombard Machine 1:40:00
Rickety Rapids Falls 2:00:00
Stalagmite Frights Cave 1:45:00
Tropical Tightropes Jungle 0:58:00
Whiplash Dash Tube 0:46:00