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Stanley the Bugman

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Residence (Possibly) Donkey Kong Island
Species Human

Powers/Abilities Skilled with the Bug-Spray Gun
Enemies Donkey Kong
Games Donkey Kong 3

Stanley the Bugman is an exterminator and Mario's cousin, as well as the protagonist of the game Donkey Kong 3. In this game Stanley uses his Bug-Spray Gun to do battle with Donkey Kong and several insects in a greenhouse. Eventually Stanley managed to defeat Donkey Kong and presumably sent him back to where he came from.

Aside from the various ports and remakes of Donkey Kong 3, Stanley has only made one other prominent appearance as the protagonist of the Game & Watch game Greenhouse in which he sprays worms attacking his plants. Greenhouse was re-released in Game & Watch Gallery 3, but the Modern Version stars Yoshi instead. Stanley also appears in Donkey Kong 3 microgames in both WarioWare: Twisted! and WarioWare: Touched!, and a trophy of him can be obtained in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

It is interesting to note, the official Donkey Kong 3 artwork of Stanley, shows him wearing red overalls and a blue shirt, Mario's original clothes in games such as Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. His Super Smash Bros. Melee trophy depicts him with white overalls instead of red, but the most drastic change of appearance is in Greenhouse where he is pictured with dark brown hair, a white cap and a red shirt without overalls; this depiction also makes Stanley look older than in Donkey Kong 3.

Trophy Information from Super Smash Bros. Melee

Stanley is a plucky exterminator who takes on Donkey Kong and an army of insects in the third installment of the original Donkey Kong series. Stanley has a tough job: he has to chase Donkey Kong away to another greenhouse with his insect repellent, then climb up the ivy to pump the main hive with the deadly spray.