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Squeekly family

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DKCoinIconLeft.png Squeekly Family DKCoinIconLeft.png
The Squeekly Family snoozing.

Residence Donkey Kong Island, Cave,
Crowded Cavern
Family Tiki Tak Tribe
Species Squeeklys
Affiliates Tiki Tak Tribe, Squeeklys
Powers/Abilities Flight,
Strong Endurance,
Can create powerful sonic blasts
Enemies Kong Family
Games Donkey Kong Country Returns

The Squeekly Family are a large family of giant Squeeklys residing in the Crowded Cavern level of Donkey Kong Country Returns.


The Squeekly Family before the Kongs awoke them.

When the Kongs first arrive in the Crowded Cavern they discover the Squeekly Family soundly sleeping, however in order for the Kongs to proceed through the cavern they needed to use a Rocket Barrel which unfortunately creates a lot of noise. Upon blasting off, the Squeekly Family were awoken from their slumber and go in hot pursuit of the noisy Kongs who disturbed their sleep. Despite a long chase the Kongs were able to evade most of the forces of the Squeekly Family, but were then confronted by the gigantic Squeekly boss, who unleashed a barrage of attacks in an attempt to destroy the Kongs and planned to finish them off with a powerful sonic blast. Luckily the Kongs easily manage to avoid it and while Mega Squeekly was distracted it trips over a large crystal causing it to get knocked out instantly thus giving the Kongs a chance to escape.


Mega Squeekly (Boss)

The Mega Squeekly is a giant Squeekly that acts as the leader of the Squeeklies. While its underlings are often relegated to specific sections of the level, the Mega Squeekly is a constant threat to the Kongs, repeatedly snapping at them from underground or through the ceiling, and even flying right behind them and almost snapping up their Rocket Barrel (only to be stopped as they fly through a narrow gap). Mega Squeekly is incredibly powerful as it can break through walls of solid rock with its head, though it is weak to crystals as mentioned above. It can also fire sonic booms from its mouth, from small and easy to dodge ones to a large one that creates a patch of crystals upon impact.

Bobbin' Squeekly

DKCR PR 05.jpg

The Bobbin' Squeeklys are the Squeekly Boss's largest underlings. They are large blue Squeeklys that (although not as large as their boss) are far larger than average Squeeklys. They primarily attack by bobbing up and down in order to get in Donkey Kong's way and if they are hit both they and Donkey Kong will lose simultaneously.

Squeekly Grunts

The Squeekly Grunts are the smallest members of the Squeekly Family. Despite being smaller than the rest of the family they are still larger than average Squeeklys. They appear in far greater numbers than the High Ranked Squeeklys and attack by flying directly at the Kongs, because of this they can be rather hard to dodge if one doesn't pay close attention to them. They are the only variety of Squeeklies who appear outside of Crowded Cavern, (such as making appearances in the Forest world).