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KremkoinIconLeft.png Rockkroc Kremkoin.png
Rockkroc - Donkey Kong Country.png

Rockkroc's artwork from Donkey Kong Country
Residence Stop & Go Station
Species Kremling
Affiliations Kremling Krew
Powers/Abilities Agility,
invincible under green light
Enemies Donkey Kong,
Diddy Kong
Games Donkey Kong Country

Rockkroc is a rare Kremling species who exclusively appears in Donkey Kong Country. Unlike the other Kremlings, it has rocky, brown skin and glowing, red eyes.

Appearances in video games

Donkey Kong Country

In Donkey Kong Country, Rockkroc dwells in only one level: Stop & Go Station of Monkey Mines. It is the main enemy and feature of said level.

Rockkroc rapidly runs around when the level's Stop & Go Barrels say "GO", by default. It is inevitable in this state, meaning that Donkey and Diddy can neither avoid nor attack one. If the lead Kong hurdles an active Rockkroc, it turns around, charges, and injures the leader.

As a solution, DK and Diddy must jump at a Stop & Go Barrel for it to switch to "STOP" for a few seconds; this illuminates the level red. The level's Rockkrocs all curl in a boulder shape. The Kongs are allowed to harmlessly move past them. After a few seconds, the Stop & Go Barrels switch to "GO", the level illuminates back to green, and the Rockkrocs grumble then rapidly run around.

Rockkrocs cannot be defeated, even when dormant, in some releases. However, DK can use his Hand Slap or a Vine Barrel to defeat a dormant one in the Japanese Super Nintendo version and the Game Boy Advance re-release. It releases bananas, Banana Bunches, or an Extra Life Balloon if done so.

In the Game Boy Advance version, the Kongs can find a scrapbook photo of Rockkroc at Stop & Go Station, before the "O" K-O-N-G Letter.

Appearances in other media


In the Donkey Kong Country novel adaption, written by Michael Teitelbaum, Rockkroc is one of King K. Rool's leader Kremlings, along with Klump, Krusha, and Kritter. The four of them appear on Gangplank Galleon when K. Rool announces his new plans to obliterate the Kongs and conquer Donkey Kong Island. DK and Diddy overhear their plan. Rockkroc is oddly defeated by Diddy, who only jumps on him, contrary to the original video game. This might reveal that Rockkrocs lose their strength under light, and has the strength of a regular Kremling.

Television series

Out of every Kremling from Donkey Kong Country, Rockkroc is the only one to not return in the Donkey Kong Country animated series.