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Rocket Rush

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ExitIsNearSign.png Rocket Rush ExitSign.png
World Krematoa
Type Cliff
Theme Rocket Run
Notable features The Kongs will maneuver the Rocket Barrel for most of this level.
Bonus level(s) N/A
Animal Buddies None
Enemies encountered Buzzes, Koin

Game Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!

Rocket Rush is the 40th and final regular level in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, being at the end of the trail in Krematoa's interior. To access this level, Boomer must be paid extra Bonus Coins than the usual fare.


The Rocket Barrel, ascending the cliffside.

Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong will immediately have to enter a Rocket Barrel at the start of the level, and they will use it for the remainder of the level. The rocket barrel will descend down the level, and its movement can be influenced with the directional pad. Pressing left will activate the rocket on the left side of the rocket barrel, which will make it move to the right, and vice versa for pressing right on the d-pad. Pressing up will cause the rocket barrel to ascend a small distance and stop going down. The heroes must maneuver through the cliffside, turning through its bends and twists, and also encountering Buzz enemies. These enemies do not actually damage the rocket barrel in the original Super Nintendo version, but do in the Game Boy Advance remake. While descending, Dixie/Kiddy can collect Bananas, K-O-N-G Letters, and even some Bear Coins. They must also be mindful of the fuel of the rocket barrel. It will steadily go down on its own, and will deplete upon using the rockets. Fuel Barrels can be collected to regain fuel.

Halfway through the level, the Rocket Barrel will reach the bottom of the cliffside, and will bounce off a barrel with a fire symbol. This will propel the rocket upward, allowing Dixie and Kiddy to progress up the cliffside. They will have to move the rocket to avoid hitting the cliffside, and maintain the rocket barrel by keeping it fueled. After reaching the end, the rocket barrel will land itself, and the Kongs will emerge. A Steel Keg can be used to defeat the Koin found in plain sight before the End of Level Flag. Raising the flag will grant the duo their final gear for Boomer's machine, which will cause the Knautilus to rise from the waters.

In some versions of the original Super Nintendo release of the game, the "G" KONG Letter is missing in certain editions of the cartidge, likely a developer oversight. This was remedied in all versions of the Game Boy Advance version. Oddly enough, the GBA version is also more difficult than the SNES version, because the Buzz can actually damage the rocket; usually the GBA edition makes levels easier.



The Rocket Barrel approaches the "G" Letter (GBA)
  • Bear Coin: 3
  • DK Barrel: 1
  • DK Coin: Koin is found by taking the detour for the second bonus level and getting to the end of the detour.
  • K-O-N-G Letters:
    • K: SNES: Obtained by sticking to the left after departing on the rocket barrel. GBA: In a narrow area of the route down after some Red Buzz.
    • O: To the left side of a succession of Buzz enemies.
    • N: In the route ascending the cliffside.
    • G: In the SNES version: right before the end of the level, may not appear at all due to a programming oddity in certain cartridges of DKC3. In the GBA version, it is found by sticking to the left side of the route beyond two Banana Bunches.


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