Parry the Parallel Bird

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Parry the Parallel Bird
Species Bird

Homeland Northern Kremisphere
Affiliates Dixie Kong
Kiddy Kong
Enemies Booty Birds, Buzzes
Powers/Abilities Stays parallel to the Kongs, kills Booty Birds, collect items.
Games Donkey Kong Country 3

Parry the Parallel Bird is an uncommon non-playable Animal Buddy found in Donkey Kong Country 3. He stays parallel to the Kongs at all times, but will be killed by any enemy other than Booty Birds. Since it is difficult to bring him to the end, the player receives a Blue Balloon or a Bonus Barrel if he is taken to the Animal Sign.

It appears in the following levels: Squeals on Wheels, Rocket Barrel Ride, Barrel Drop Bounce, Ropey Rumpus, and Stampede Sprint.