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Boxart for the original Mario Party game.

The Mario Party series, which first started in 1999 with Mario Party for the Nintendo 64, is a multiplayer Mario game based on a board game. The Mario Party series currently has 20 games in the series, with spin-offs including Mario Party DS, Mario Party Advance, and Mario Party-e and Mario Party Arcade.


In the games, players run across digital game boards as classic Mario characters, collecting coins, items and eventually stars. The game is divided into turns, usually in ranks of ten to fifty. At the end of each turn a minigame is played, and the winner receives a small coin bonus. Whoever has the most most stars at the end wins.

Relevance to DK[edit]

Donkey Kong has appeared in every single Mario Party game. DK was a playable character from the first game to Mario Party 4, where after he has been used mainly for stage hosting, spaces, and mini-games. Donkey Kong returns as a playable character in Mario Party 10, and also an unlockable playable character in Mario Party: Star Rush. He can be unlocked if players earn enough party points to reach level 8 or if they scan a Donkey Kong amiibo. Diddy Kong has also appeared in Mario Party DS and Mario Party 9 as a supporting character. Diddy Kong makes his first playable appearance in the series in Mario Party: Star Rush. He can be unlocked by earning enough party points to reach level 11 or by scanning a Diddy Kong amiibo.

Donkey Kong-themed areas in the Mario Party series include:

Donkey Kong-themed mini-games in the Mario Party series include:

Donkey Kong also has 6 presents and a constellation in his present room in Mario Party 4.