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BananaCoinIconRight.png Hogwash BananaCoinIconLeft.png

A Hogwash
Leader King K. Rool
Origin of Species Pig

Affiliations Kremling Krew
Enemies DK, Diddy
Games Donkey Kong Land

Hogwash, called Rasher in the sixty-ninth issue of Nintendo Power, is a pig enemy who exclusively appears in the Game Boy game Donkey Kong Land. Its name is based on the term "hogwash", which defines nonsense or insincerity. This is reflected on Hogwash being a pig with wings, referring to the phrase "when pigs fly", or an impossibility.

In-game sprite.

In the game, Hogwash usually flies horizontally. Hogwash is similar to Necky in terms of its characteristics; the Kongs can pounce on it to reach higher areas and defeat it.

Hogwash appears in these levels: Freezing Fun, Tyre Trail, Riggin' Rumble, Track Attack, Sky High Caper, Landslide Leap, Balloon Barrage, Kong Krazy, Construction Site Fight, Fast Barrel Blast, and Skyscraper Caper.