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Rambi Crate DKC2.png Helibird Enguarde Crate DKC2.png
Helibird from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Species Bird
Gender Female
Homeland Jungle-like areas
Affiliates Donkey Kong, Kongs
Enemies Kritters, K. Rool, etc.
Powers/Abilities Flying to a higher place
Games Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (cameo)

Helibirds are a species of Animal Buddies found in Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. They are a group of birds that carry Donkey Kong to higher places.

Appearances in video games[edit]

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat[edit]

In Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, Donkey Kong first meets Helibirds in their nest. They live in the jungle areas, and these birds appear frequently throughout the game. They help him by lifting him up to higher places, and during certain occasions, race against some characters. They are quite useful Animal Buddies in the game. They even fly him to his battle with Cactus King and Ghastly King.

Super Smash Bros Brawl[edit]

Helibird trophy

Helibird makes a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy. Its trophy description reads:

A bird that helps Donkey Kong by carrying him with its feet and flying up to higher areas. These beautiful birds feature big, decorated wings and unique coloring. A certain Strawberry Kingdom is home to a Helibird nest populated only by Helibirds.
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