Flurl the Squirrel

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Rambi Crate DKC2.png Flurl the Squirrel Enguarde Crate DKC2.png
Flurl - Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.png

Flurl from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Species Squirrel
Gender Male

Affiliates Donkey Kong
Powers/Abilities Parachuting
Games Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

Flurl the Squirrel is a lazy red squirrel Animal Buddy. It is one of Donkey Kong's allies in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, his only video game appearance.

Flurl is occasionally found sleeping in a tree. Donkey Kong can get the help of his squirrel friend by grabbing the squirrel's tail to parachute and glide through the air, which allows him to collect airborne beats and reach new areas that he could not reach at the time. Flurl first appeared in the level Jungle Deeps.