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Sprite of a Bitesize

Sub-Species Bitesize
Notable Fishs Enguarde the Swordfish,
Glimmer the Anglerfish
Affiliations Varies
Enemies Varies
Games All

Fish are a diverse, aquatic animal species found in the Donkey Kong universe. Most fish are enemies but some serve as allies. Due to an overall low amount of water levels in the games, fish aren't common to find. When encountered underwater, the Kongs are most likely helpless as they need to concentrate on swimming rather than combat. A few fish are allied with the Kong Family however, such as Enguarde who can stab enemies with his swordfish nose.


Donkey Kong[edit]


Generic fish made their first appearance in Donkey Kong for the Game Boy, where they acted as basic enemies in the Forest stage. They move around horizontally and if Mario catches their eye they will charge at him and if he touches them he will be defeated. While these generic Fish haven't appeared again since, numerous sub-species would return in later games as enemies and on occasion allies.

List of fish[edit]

All fish are enemies unless otherwise noted