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As with other wikis, the Donkey Kong Wiki has featured articles, or articles of notably good content. FAs are well-written, informative articles that will be featured on the Main Page. They are usually updated every month.

General guidelines[edit]


  • Article must not be a stub, in need of additional images, and/or in need of cleanup. Articles must be "finished". Also must be properly categorized.
  • Article must have a moderate length (level articles and other articles on minor topics are not likely to go far). The more content, the more likely to be featured.
  • Must be original content, not copied off of another resource.

How to propose[edit]

  • Create a heading under "Proposed featured articles" that looks like this: ==Article Name==, where "Article Name" is the full name of the article you believe is worthy of being a featured article.
  • Briefly explain why the article in question is feature-worthy.
  • Be sure to sign your proposition and votes with ~~~~

Proposed featured articles[edit]

  • There are no current proposals.