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Cotton-Top Cove

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Bananacoin-dkcr.png Cotton-Top Cove Bananacoin-dkcr.png
Cotton-Top Cove.png
Greater location Northern Kremisphere
Levels Bazza's Blockade
Rocket Barrel Ride
Kreeping Klasps
Tracker Barrel Trek
Fish-Food Frenzy
Boss level: Squirt's Showdown
Boss Squirt
Brothers Bear House Blue's Beach Hut
Banana Bird Cave Bounty Bay
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country 3

Cotton-Top Cove, also known as Cotton Top Cove in the Game Boy Advance remake, is the third world of Donkey Kong Country 3. Though it could be chronologically used like the fourth world, similar to how Mekanos can be used as the third world. This area has notably more water themed levels than any other world (except for Pacifica in the Game Boy Advance remake). As with Lake Orangatanga, the water on the map can easily be swum in, except for the waterfalls which also applies to this world.


Cotton-Top Cove in the Game Boy Advance port.
  • Bazza's Blockade—As the name suggests, this level features a large amount of Bazzas in an underwater level. Bazzas are thin, green, barracuda-like fish, emerging indefinitely from small caves underwater and swimming out forward, usually in the Kong's way. Contact with one defeats a Kong, and they swim quickly in succession. In one area, they even guard a Bonus Barrel.
  • Rocket Barrel Ride—The second level of Cotton-Top Cove takes place near a waterfall. Dixie and Kiddy Kong start out on land with a large waterfall in the background, and a flaming barrel pointing upwards in front of them too. They must ride it and go left to the next platform. There is a 3-D effect used to show a barrel behind the waterfall. The rest of the level involves the monkeys going into the Blast Barrels and timing movement correctly to get to the top of the waterfall where the End of Level Flag lies at.
  • Kreeping Klasps—This level is a boardwalk level, the first boardwalk level since the very first world, and the third level of Cotton-Top Cove. The Kongs must use the Team-Up move to reach the life. This level is significantly different from the earlier boardwalk levels, though. There is a swimming enemy below named Nibbla whom awaits the Kongs to fall into the water to their death. The monkeys the climbable ropes to get across the water safely from Nibbla. However, Klasps appear on the ropes and then chase the two.
  • Tracker Barrel Trek—Tracker Barrel Trek is a waterfall level, and the fourth stage in Cotton-Top Cove. The level contains barrels that can go from left to right, corresponding with the player's control, and track where the Kongs fall to able to launch them again. Various Buzzes are in the way to hinder Dixie/Kiddy's progress.
  • Fish-Food Frenzy—Upon starting this level, Nibbla appears behind Dixie and Kiddy. At first it appears friendly, but is not the case. The AI of the fish is programmed in a very unique way; it follows the Kongs; if it goes near a Koco, but it stays blue and calm. If it is not fed, or is fed a Lurchin, it grows red and hungry over time, until it decides to feast on the lead Kong and then the other lead Kong. This level is based on the Kongs' ability to successfully guide the fish away from the Lurchins it dislikes and feed it the red or green Kocos.
  • Boss level: Squirt's Showdown -- The area guardian fight. Upon starting the level, the Kongs are turned into Ellie. Squirt then emerges from a waterfall and squirts water in a circle, usually supporting the strength to push Ellie off the platform. The player must press the L button (the Down button on the D-Pad and the R button in the Game Boy Advance version) to absorb water from the waterfall, aim upwards and shoot water at Squirt's eyes. As the battle progresses, Squirt's attack pattern goes quicker with stronger waves shot out of its mouth.


Brothers Bears and Banana Bird Caves

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