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DKCoinIconLeft.png Worm DKCoinIconLeft.png
Worm DK64.png

Residence Fungi Forest
Species Bookworm
Affiliates Chunky,
Deceased friends
Enemies Giant Tomatoes
Games Donkey Kong 64

Worm[1] is a minor character in Donkey Kong 64. It resides in a Granny Smith apple in Fungi Forest.

Chunky first meets Worm near Funky's Armory; it tells him about the Tomatoes around its house. Worm claims that they ate all of its friends, and it is the only survivor. It offers Chunky a Golden Banana for destroying every Tomato. Chunky must become Hunky Chunky from a nearby Kong Barrel to squish the four nearby Tomatoes.

Afterwards, Worm asks Chunky to relocate it to a sunnier area; it dislikes the continual rainfall in its area. Chunky must pick up its house and place it on a dirt patch near the cuckoo clock tower. The patch depicts the Worm's own house. By doing so, Worm appreciates Chunky's efforts and rewards him a Golden Banana.


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