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Not to be confused with Barrels
The updated Wooden Barrel in Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Wooden Barrels (also known as "Regular Barrels" or simply "Barrels") are the most basic and common barrels seen the entire DK series as a whole. Debuting in the original Donkey Kong arcade game, they were then used as a base weapon in games.

Impact and History[edit]

Early Donkey Kong getting ready to throw a wooden barrel.


Barrels in the original Donkey Kong were rolled down the construction site, down support beams and ladders, by Cranky Kong, or Donkey Kong Snr. Barrels were the main weapon used in 25m. Jumpman had to jump over them, with each successful jump earning 100 points. If he missed the jump, he would lose a life. Their only weakness was a Hammer, usable by Jumpman.

Donkey Kong Country series[edit]


Donkey Kong would later carry on the tradition of throwing barrels as weapons in the popular Donkey Kong Country trilogy. Here, the base wooden barrels appear commonly, here DK or Diddy could pick them up and toss them, which would roll into enemies or walls, and could break bonus rooms. Barrels here came in many different forms, such as the TNT Barrel, a destructive and explosive version, or the Auto-Fire Barrel, that could launch Kongs across levels.

Enemies in later versions of the DKC games would use the types of barrels as their own weapons, such as the exiled Manky Kongs, which would toss unlimited amounts. Klobbers and Knockas would hide in barrels and ram into Kongs with them, and the TNT Knockas were much worse, as the slightest touch when they're running would explode them.


Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
"These common barrels make a great projectile weapon against enemies. They smash into splinters upon contact. Steel rimmed barrels roll over enemies until they hit a wall."
Donkey Kong Country (GBA)
"Use regular barrels to knock out enemies or uncover secret bonus areas."


Vine Barrels[edit]


Vine Barrels are a type of wooden barrel that only appear in Donkey Kong Country. Their names are based on the small vines wrapped around them. Like regular barrels, these barrels can be carried and tossed, except they break upon contact with the ground, whereas normal barrels roll onto the floor. Vine Barrels are not as common as wooden barrels, but they are featured in the battle against Queen B., and are a critical weapon in Platform Perils.


Donkey Kong Country (GBA)
"Similar to regular barrels, but one knock will cause the vine barrel to shatter."