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"Swearing chicken: Fuck, fuck, fuck-AAAAACCCKKK!!!"
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Aliases N/A

Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliates N/A
Powers/Abilities Cooking, beating Nintendo games, knowledge on Marine Biology, impersonating characters, wiki-editing.
Enemies Healthy food, anyone who acts like a jerk towards me.
Games Mario, DK, Kirby, Metroid, Sonic, Tomb Raider, Super Smash Bros.


I'm just your average Joe, who's a big fan of DK, and a number of other Nintendo characters, like Mario and Kirby. Not to mention 3rd parties like Sonic, Tomb Raider, and Endless Ocean. I was once among the most prominent editors here, showing up every day and always making large edits (mostly expanding incomplete level articles). However, a combination of personal stuff and the release of SSB4 (the latter leading me to focus more on SmashWiki) caused my activity to dwindle. Nowadays, I mainly focus on small fixes and don't make as many large edits as before, (though I hope to start helping with the Tropical Freeze level articles soon). Regardless of whether I actually edit or not, I still show up at least once per day, so you should have no trouble contacting me.

As any Donkey Kong fan could guess, my username is based on the weapon of choice for my favorite character in the series: Diddy Kong.

Who's Online:

Who's online: None

Where I can be found on this wiki:

  • Looking for editing opportunities.
  • Responding to Forums.

My DK Games:

Mainstream Games:

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns: I never played the original trilogy, but judging by the gameplay I've seen of them, I'd say this game is superior. The game gives us some much-needed mechanic changes, a more interesting story, and some of the best challenge in any platformer on the Wii, alongside some really imaginative level-designs and well-hidden collectibles. The only problems with game is the inability to play as Diddy Kong in 1P mode, the complete lack of classic enemies and Animal Buddies, and too much of the soundtrack being reused from DKC1. In spite of these, it's still a good game, and I've found myself going back to it numerous times even after buying the sequel.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Officially my favorite DK game period. The game is among the best looking on the Wii U so far, and David Wise did an astonishing job at composing its soundtrack. It is also a lot harder and more clever than the previous game, and even has an unlockable Hard Mode, which will rape you right through the pants. The additional buddy characters were fun to use, though Dixie's special abilities are WAY overused, (the majority of the secrets in the game require you to use her, and she can even grab some secrets that were meant for other characters) and Cranky Kong's ability, while fun, is too situational for its own good (less than ten levels in the entire game cater to him specifically). My other problems with the game are its absurdly long load times, (which can also have slowdown within them at times), and the inability to play as the buddies in 1P mode. Seriously, why couldn't there be the option to not only pick your partner, but also pick a Kong to carry said partner? It would've been a GREAT opportunity to bring back Kiddy Kong! Am I seriously the only one who misses the little guy?!
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat: An insanely fun platformer/beat-em-up with an incredible flow of movement, and graphics that (imho) surpass those of DKCR. However, the game is a bit alienating to longtime fans with its completely new set of characters, enemies, and animal buddies, and doesn't offer much challenge. Additionally, most of the bosses are just recolors of previous ones with maybe one or two new attacks. Other than that, the game is solid and HIGHLY replayable.


  • Donkey Kong Barrel Blast: One of my favorite non-Mario Kart racing games out there, which definitely didn't deserve the negative reviews it got. The game has some interesting track designs and items that were even more ridiculous that those in the MK series. It was also a great idea to add the Kremlings as playable characters. The game also has an unusually large amount of modes for a game of its genre, (with "Free Run" being my favorite, where you pick a character and go through a track of your choice for infinite laps until you get bored). The game also allows up to 4 players to participate in a Grand Prix, (something which the MK series was pretty slow to do) and is a blast to play with friends and/or family.
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem: A fun puzzle game that offers a great challenge, and has an awesome stage designer. However, a story that not even a mainstream Mario game would adopt and a monotonous selection of boss fights hold the game back, and I personally don't find it all that replayable.


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Where else you can find me:

NIWA Wikis:

  • SmashWiki as "MeatBall104". (Autoconfirmed)
  • WiKirby as "Milkshake of Doom". (Autoconfirmed; Inactive)
  • Metroid Wiki as "Cafe au Lait". (Autoconfirmed; Inactive)

Other Wikis:

  • Wikipedia as "The Pastrami-Eating Bulldog". (Autoconfirmed; Inactive)
  • Wikia as "Pastrami on Rye". (Semi-active)