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Hello, I'm Michael Oliver, known on the Smash Wiki as Omega Tyrant. The Smash Wiki is my home Wiki and I'm also an admin there. My knowledge on the Donkey Kong games is little and I currently only own two games in the series, the original Donkey Kong and DKC2. I'm here to patrol the DK Wiki at the request of a friend. So my edits will mostly consist of reverting vandalism and faulty edits, making minor grammar edits, and removing unnecessary information from pages.

To contact me, you can simply leave me a message on the talk page or contact me on this Wiki's IRC channel. At the Smash Wiki, we reply to comments on the same talk page, so any comments you do leave me on my talk page will be responded to there. I'm as expected, an avid brawler and if you wish to brawl me online, you can leave me a message about your challenge on my talk page at the Smash Wiki or on AllisBrawl.