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DKCoinIconLeft.png KopoKong (Kapodaco) DKCoinIconLeft.png
Donkey Kong.jpg
Look! It's Donkey Kong!
Full Name Kapodaco
Residence Central U.S.
Species Human/Monkey
Gender Male
Affiliates Donkey Kong Wiki
Mortal Kombat Wiki
Vigilante 8 Wiki
Soulcalibur Wiki
Powers/Abilities Ranting, imagination
Enemies MTV


Howdy, my name is KopoKong, or as I'm known on other wikis, Kapodaco. I generally enjoy drawing, writing, singing, listening to music, but most importantly, playing video games. The Donkey Kong series has always been my favorite Nintendo series and Donkey Kong was one of my first childhood heros. I'm here mainly because I used to be part of the original wiki back sometime last year, but then I found out it had moved, and I felt betrayed that I was never informed. :( I look forward to making a swift return to the site and will edit anything I can while I'm here.

Donkey Kong Titles I've Played