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Huge fan of the great ape himself ,and all the kongs.

DKCoinIconLeft.png Donkey Kong DKCoinIconLeft.png
Aliases Family,Freinds
Residence South carolina
Species Human,Male
Affiliates Donkey kong wiki
Powers/Abilities Tremendous Strength,Stamina and can climb like a monkey
Enemies Justin Bieber


I loved donkey kong ever since my fourth birthday I got the old donkey kong country for the gameboy and I`ve plaved every donkey kong game since except the Donkey kong land series. Although my favorites were


Im very athletic,love animals (especially primates).I'm currently in the AFJROTC at Fort Dorchester High School.I love vegetables and fruit( Bananas ) I love climbing trees and rock walls and going outside and enjoying nature.Its cool is that me and Donkey Kong have so much in common.I'm very honest and occasionally just get to the point. For those who respect me ill sure as heck respect you and back you up on just about anything :).


I love this Wiki and will do just about anything .This is my first wiki as some may already now but (dont be jerks i have already found some on this wiki and not mentioning names). I know a lot about Donkey Kong and the others.But some don't take my knowledge to seriously but I'm OK i just know more than the do ;) whether they like it or not. I will contribute anything i can that already hasn't been contributed before right now I'm currently working on