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DKCoinIconLeft.png Anthony DKCoinIconLeft.png
Bananacoin-dkcr.pngPLAY IT LOUD IN STEREO, DUDE!!!Bananacoin-dkcr.png</span>

Residence CA
Species Human (or am I.....?)
Gender Male
Affiliates Donkey Kong Wiki,
Street Fighter Wiki
Powers/Abilities Uploading, patrolling, reverting, being funny/random
Enemies Vandals, spam, plagiarism...okay I just copied this box from another user then edited it a little.
Games DKC series (including the GBC and GBA Remakes),
Donkey Kong,
All Super Smash Bros. series games

About me[edit]

I'm Anthony, master of time and space. I'm a fan of the Donkey Kong games (why else would I finally make an account here?) and I think dey r beddur dan boath da salawmii enda buhloahnii cumbaind, in fact, the first version of DKC that I played was the Game Boy Color version, on my brother's GBC, where I played it. I still remember when I thought I beat K. Rool, I got KreditRoll'd and then the fucker jumped, raped, and then murdered whoever the hell I was. I thought that was the end, but then one day I saw my bro fighting him, and how he SURVIVED the part where K. Rool jumps at you after the fake kredits. I was like "OMGWTFBBQHAXBUZZLIGHTYEARNOWAE", and after my bro fayild to defeat the bastard (and by that I don't mean remove his feet...) I, with my amazing sexy skillz, beat dat muddafukka after lotsa failz! It's satisfying as hell to beat a boss you keep dying at and then, to top that awesome pwnage sundae, have a talking elderly gorilla congratulate you, but I didn't beat it 100% and I still haven't to this day! :(

I still have plenty of memories with DKC. I remember renting DKC2 on the Super NES, and I still remember the part in the first level where there are like, those two pirate kremlings with that "O" letter so vividly. My mom was talking to some fucker I don't remember who was outside the door, prolly a Mexican, while I was playing. I remember playing on Bramble Blast and fighting K. Rool on Krocodile Kore (at least at the beginning where he shoots fish out). Also, I can't find my copy of the GBA version of DKC2, which I got on Christmas of 2004, along with Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, which I also can't find. Datza dayum shayum.Dun, da doo dun, da doo dadadaDEN, da dun, dun, da doo dun, da doo dadadaDEN, da dun, dun, da doo dun, da doo dadadaDEN, doo dun, da, deh, DENUN, NUN...doona neh denun, nun, dedlun!

I also remember da time my other older bro got DK64, where it was nighttime, my aunt was there I guess, and I was three. Whenever he was playing, I would always play it whenever he went to go to the bathroom, with me adventuring around DK Isle, not knowing what the hell I was doing. Gud timez.

I also remember watching the GBA DKC1 ads on G4 (when it was watchable), with that weird ass one where Rambi I presume jumps that canyon...yeah, and oh yeah, I after I, like, beat it 100%, and on Hero Mode, my damn save data got corrupted, so I have to start all that shit all over again (also, the time trials is also pretty screwed up, showing my ranking for the level (for which everything is "S" cuz of mah /\/\4|) 5|<|112), but being unable to be played). I also remember the one with the guy who has the power to change gravity by playing bongos for DK: Jungle Beat. That is badass. Badass. Wouldn't you agree? Wouldn't you fuckin' want that goddamn power? The game would've been waaaaaaaaaaaay better if it was centered around flipping the world with a pair of goddamn, fucking motherfucking bongos, no?

They're playing Smash Brothers; pretend that Donkey Kong is you, and Cranky Kong is me.